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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Silver, Webinars and things that go bump in the night...

Health Freedom Alert

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February 24, 2009

Welcome! In This Issue:

Things that go bump in the night...

Remember: Check our Health Freedom Blog on our website,  New items are posted frequently like -

Stimulus Package: Health IT and Health Freedom

Innovative Medicine Attacked by Monopolists

Thursday, February 26, 2009
"CAM" Practitioners' Webinar
Intro Video Here:


The General's Communiqué
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III
(US Army, Ret.)

Crisis After Crisis...

Remember the "Food Safety Agency" bills (H.R. 875 and S.425)  pending in Congress... "These bills will industrialize all farms and insure the farmers are forced to buy chemicals and drugs.  Organic is dead.  As well as human control over the food supply.  As well as health." - Linn Cohen-Cole.

Here is the Action Item so you can send an unmistakable message to your representatives in the Senate and the House. Please click your Mouse and take action NOW!

The Nano Silver Controversy

As you know, these "food safety" bills are not the only issue we've brought to your attention recently.  You're aware of the FDA's banning of a certtain natural form of Vitamin B-6 last month, in a way that puts all dietary ingredients at risk. You're aware of the effort of some to have the EPA declare topical silver products "unapproved pesticides" and our efforts to send comments to the EPA before the March 20th deadline.


Recently some usually pro-freedom consumer groups have joined the pro-regulator band-wagon regarding EPA banning nano-silver products. Natural Solutions Foundation supports the availability of nano-silver products.


We think what is happening is that some well-meaning people are confusing silver ions with the types of untested GMO (genetically modified organisms) products and new technology nano-products to which we have always urged the application of the Precautionary Principle [that the company offering a truly new technology product is obligated to reasonably substantiate that it is safe for use as directed, and that new products should not be offered to the public without meeting this standard].

We do not think nano-silver products fit that criteria.


All silver products work the same way:  they shed silver ions which have germicidal capacity. An ion is a single atom stripped of some of its electrons, leaving it electrically charged. A nano particle is made of many atoms. A nano particle of silver is simply a small chunk of the element, smaller even than the microscopic size silver particles found in the colloidal silver solutions that have been available for nearly two centuries.
Silver has been used safely for utensils for millennia, with traditionally noted germ-suppressing capacity. The uses being questioned by the EPA are substantially equivelent to this traditional use. Supplemental silver has been ingested safely (argyria is not a safety issue!) for nearly two centuries.
Silver products are quite distinct from the GMO or untested nano-particle products to which the Precautionary Principle should apply.
Therefore, we urge you to send an appropriate message to the EPA:

You know how much we need your help to continue this fight. Please make your most generous deductibe donation at:


Recurring donations of whatever size, are especially helpful.


"Mouse Warrior" Action Items


Congress, the President and other decision makers must get your message loud and clear! Now that Health Freedom made it among the Top Ten social issues on and, we are ready to push even harder. That's where these Health Freedom Action eAlerts make a difference. Please take these actions:


1. Tell Congress "No" on the farm control bills! HR 875 and S.425

We've set up an Action Item for you to send an unmistakable message to your representatives in the Senate and the House. We must educate Congress that you do not want organic and small farmers regulated out of existence.


You do not want "Big Agra" regulations, perhaps necessary to protect the public when dealing with large scale agra business, applied to organic and small family farms and ranches or to natural and organic food products including Dietary Supplements.


2. Tell the President about Change: Health Freedom is Our First Freedom

You made "Health Freedom Is Our First Freedom" one of the top 10 items on America's mind with your votes to  Now we have to make that message resonate throught the White House halls.


Will the new President listen? Only if we tell him, in our hundreds of thousands! We need your help in making this campaign "go viral" to "infect" the Internet with health freedom! Please forward to your entire list and ask them to ACT NOW!


Click here to tell President Obama that we want real change -- which means more freedom and choice in our lives, not more control over needed medical treatments by yet another overblown, impossible to approach Federal bureaucracy!


Click to send an Open Letter to the President


3. Right to Use ~ Right to Choose Use Nano Silver

Thanks to Mouse Warriors, the Deadline for Comments has been extended to March 20, 2009 by the EPA.  We won that skirmish, but the war is still raging.


Retain the Right to Choose Nano Silver. Tell EPA Not to topical Ban Nano Silver of Any Type.  Whether you use Nano Silver or not (and we certainly do!), let's make sure that we have the right to make that choice!


Want to know more?  Read Defending Nano Silver:


4. Divest FDA/USDA of Food Regulation Authority

- and all government agencies of their often misused power to deny us access to wholesome nutrition and natural remedies. Protect Food from FDA/USDA Regulation!  

Congress is about to create a new agency for "Food Safety".  Our analysis is that it will be worse than both FDA and USDA combined.  We need to get food out of Federal hands, and quickly.  Just think what the new farm bills, coupled with a new industry-controlled, agency will do to your food, your health and your freedom.  Having contemplated that horrific outcome, take action and ask everyone you know to do the same.


5. Please join the Natural Solutions Foundation's new Food and Farming Yahoo!Groups forum.


Check it out at:


And here's an invitation to join our other very active and informative forums:




No Forced Vaccinations

What Does Freedom in a Cup™

Taste Like? -

Mmmm! Do You Want Your Friendly Food
Whole or Ground?

Valley of the Moon Coffee is Certified Friendly Food
Friendly to You, the Environment, the Workers!

Why Coffee?  How are Coffee and Farms and Freedom and Health linked?

Because Natural Solutions Foundation understands that the food we eat is the food we grow and unless we take back - globally - the production of food, there can be no health freedom.  Literally.

How does that work?  Check out to learn more and get involved.  And while you are doing it, try sipping and supporting.  Do both at www.Valley of the

Sipping Valley of the Moon Coffee, our first Certified Friendly Food, produced by the Natural Solutions Foundation in our quest to find solutions to the problems farmers try to solve by using dangerous chemicals, and then teach others to produce wholesome products for their markets - that's us, in this case, the coffee drinkers.  More foods - and techniques for clean foods - to come.

Supporting because each bag you buy (or sell - see below) supports the work of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  You see, we work on many fronts at the same time and we need your support to protect your freedoms.

Bert and I are in Europe this week to participate in some documentary filming on the Codex/Health Freedom battle and present "The Genocidal Feast" to a large and important meeting in Switzerland. 
This Powerpoint presentation is available on a free webinar:

Your coffee purchases and donations at help make trips like this possible.  And the next trip, of course, is to Codex.  We'll need to fill up the coffers a bit so that we do not miss this next, important, meeting in Canada this coming Spring the way we missed the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) in South Africa late last year.

I forgot a word in my list, true, you can sip and support, but you will find that we should add "savor" to the list. 
EVERYONE who has tasted our
Valley of the Moon™ Coffee agrees that it is outstanding.
1. For each donation of $25 we'll say "Thank you!" with an 8 oz bag (plus shipping) of Valley of the Moon™ Coffee AND a $20 tax deduction certificate. Order 4 or more bags to the same address and we'll throw in the shipping.

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now and get some of the best coffee you've ever tried while you support the Natural Solutions Foundation.  And while you savor Health Freedom in a Cup(TM)

Video of "Health Freedom is Our First Freedom"


Counsel's Corner
Ralph Fucetola, JD

Part of the battle for our health and freedom is through our food.  But the issues are even more complex, as you know if you have been following our Health Freedom Action eAlerts and Health Freedom Blog for any time. 

I was honored to address a Health Freedom Rally in New Jersey recently and was able to share the current state of the battle with the Health Freedom Advocates (and perhaps the infiltrators there. 

The resulting two part film is an educational tool which I invite you  to watch and share widely. My new 2 part
video made while I informed other health freedom advocates at a Health Freedom Rally - Hunterdon Central High, Flemington, NJ can be seen now at:

Now that you have watched it, please send this video, and this Health Freedom Action e Alert, to your entire list.
Let people know that they can sign up for their own copies of the Health Freedom Action e Alert at . This information needs to become a "Freedom Virus" and we, the Mouse Warriors, can make that happen.

CAM Practitioners Webinar

And if you are an "alternative" practitioner (what I like to call an "advanced healthcare" practitioner, please check out the Webinar I wll be hosting this Thursday night, Februray 26, 2009,8 PM EST. Live attendees will have a chance to ask questions, and the Webinar will be archived for later viewing.

You can see a short video about the Webinar at:

Health Freedom Action Webinar
Current Webinars

Health Freedom Action eAlert

Webinars are a new, efficient and entertaining learning experience. We're bringing together experts who can provide valuable information, practical advice and leading-edge knowledge. They will be teaching about discovering, demonstrating an implementing natural solutions. Here are some of the initial Webinars you are invited to attend on the Internet. (details below):

1. Valley of the Moon Eco Community: Free - Archived
2. Ethical Considerations for CAM Practitioners
Live Online - $99 - 02/26/09

Want to know more?

Watch this Video Introduction
to this ground breaking course:

Sign up here:

3. Protecting your IRA - Sustainable Living
Live Online - $49 - 03/07/09

4. Bringing New Natural Products to Market - April

  Webinar updates

 Be sure to bookmark this page and check it frequently!

Our Webinars are live, interactive learning experiences where you'll hear us, see powerpoint images and be able to ask questions. Webinars are archived for subsequent retreival.

Dr. Rima Recommends:

What do I recommend today?


1. Click here to send this open letter to President Obama and your Congressmen and Women:

The President:



2. Click here to support the Natural Solutions Foundation, you health freedom champions.  Wait a bit and there may be nothing left to defend. Remember, the "Stimulus Plan" makes any medical care which is not approved by the new Super Bureaucracy in Health And Human Services a forbidden treatment or option.


3. Click here to send a strong message to Congress that the so-called "Health Care Reforms" in the Stimulus Bill are unconstitutional and violate your rights. Therefore, they MUST be repealed in favor of legislation which memorializes you right to control your body and your health choices.  Anything less is catastrophic and will mean that your options  can only be exercised off shore in the near future.


Are you prepared to surrender your right to natural health to Codex, to President Obama and to the Pharmaceutical corporations?  If you are, please, please do nothing.


Oh, by they way, your reproductive rights are next.  Here is what is happening in the Netherlands.  If Holland goes, can the US be far behind?


Bert and I presented at the AZK anti censorship coalition conference in Chur, Switzerland.  Approximately 2000 filled the City Hall of Chur where leading truth and freedom movement activists and whistleblowers spoke to a rapt crowd.  Corruption in the Economic and Pharmaceutical worlds were detailed by insiders.  General Bert and I offered a detailed and comprehensive look at Codex and its Genocidal agenda, past and future.


Look for the video of our presentation... it will be posted soon!


We're also discussing the creation of an EU Natural Solutions Foundation, with a leading European Constitutional Attorney and Law Professor -- how to create the petition to reopen EU policy on natural supplements, food, herbs, medicine and Codex.


One million signatures needed in EU, 50K signatures needed in Switzerland, and we have allies from all of the continent who will work with us to bring this petition forward.  The EU has strong recall provisions which we lack in the US but it would be very helpful to our side to detach the EC from the "rear" of the US in its slavish support of the policies of the Bigs (Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Chema, Big Finance and Big Govt) which the US brings forward on every Codex issue.


Only on GMOs does the EU differ from the US, and that rift has been meaningful up to now. We want more rifts, bigger rifts, better rifts!


Perhaps we want the EU out of Codex.  We shall see what the Constitutional Law Professor has to say when he advises us.And we will, of course, advise you!


Do we want a European presence for the Natural Solutions Foundation, just as we have an African and a Panamanian? Of course we do! And that, too, will be part of the discussion. We are building for Global Health Freedom at the same time that the other side is destroying for global health fascism. 


Which side are YOU on?  Where is your support?  Of course it is with freedom.  Now, check at least one of the boxes below to know what you want to do to build the momentum and power of the health freedom movement over the next 7 days:


[    ]   1. I want to become a community organizer.  Email (with Organize in the subject line) and Kathy will send you an Organizer's Handbook to help you get started


[    ]   2. Click here: to join the food freedom forum


[    ]   3. Click on each Action Item in this email!


[    ]   4. Click here to sign up for health freedom webinars:


[    ]   5. Click here:, to propose your webinar topic so that we can share the wisdom and skill of our community with other health freedom advocates (put "Webinar" in the subject line).


[    ]   6. Click here:, to let us know about a product you want to introduce our membership to on our Natural Solutions foundation Marketplace,


[    ]   7. Click here:, to volunteer your skills and services for health freedom.  What do you do best?  We need that skill! ("Volunteer" in the subject line).


[    ]   8. Click here:, to sell our coffee as a Health Freedom Fundraiser through your church, school or club.


[    ]   9. Donate to the strongest, most pro-active global health freedom organization in the world and protect your own health freedom.  Click here to make your tax deductible donation.  If you've given before, thanks.  If you haven't what are you waiting for?  The other side isn't waiting to take your freedoms away.



[    ]   10. Disseminate, Disseminate, Disseminate!  In activism, there are only two options: have enough money or have enough people to bring your point of view forward compellingly.  Well, we have people.  You have more people.  And they have yet more people.


Please be aware of what all these people have accomplished already. Like stopping the '06 anti-CAM FDA guidance; like keeping the DSHEA protective language in the '07 FDA bill… Never lose heart!


It is up to us to make sure that the forces which are rapidly trying to destroy our food, our fertility and our freedoms do not succeed.  We are, after all, free men and women who own our own bodies and we must vigorously protect that ownership.


So the time has come.  Paul Revere is swinging his lantern.  You are on the winning side, but you must act, and act and act.  Now.


I am proud to be associative with the Natural Solutions Foundation and I know you are, too.  Let's take that pride and manifest it as power: the Power to Speak Truth and Manifest Freedom - Health Freedom

Pease share this health freedom information with your friends and contacts and ask them to help protect food and freedom, too.  Let them know that they can get their very free subscription to the
Health Freedom Action eAlerts at


Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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