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Friday, January 29, 2010

Can't Lose for Winning - IF We Push Back!

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Dated: January 30, 2008

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Cognitive Enhancement Nutrition
Open Letter on "Vaccine Deniers"

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Featured Dr Rima Articles
Cognitive Enhancement Nutrition
Open Letter on "Vaccine Deniers"

Health Benefits of All Natural Coffee

Health Benefits of Silver

Health Freedom Radio

Doctor Exposes Illegal Hospital Forced Vax!

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Health Keeper's Oath

Ban GMOs Before It Is Too Late

Defeat S. 510 to Prevent the Total

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Ride the Freedom Mouse for each member of your household for each action item!

Cognitive Enhancement Nutrition

Featured Articles
Dr Rima on Cognitive Enhancement!
Dr Rima on 'Vaccine Deniers'
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Doctor Exposes Hospitals' Forced Vaccination, Nurses' Forge MD's Signatures!

We were as horrified as you will be when we read S. Humphries, MD's January 22, 2010 courageous expose of the dangerous - but common - hospital policy of automatically vaccinating patients without consulting the patient's physician or obtaining truly informed consent for the procedure, even if that vaccination can kill them because of their medical condition.

Dr. Humpries paints a terrifying picture of "standard" hospital procedure which she learned about too late to protect the patient she writes about.  Her bold truth-telling warns us all that we must be on high alert to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the tragically mis-named "health care system".

We need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the damage of that system, created, run and perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry for its own agendas.  Although the good men and women who are its active arm for harm are brainwashed not to see it, the reality is clear: the system's accureat name is the Illness UnCare System. 

If your job makes you part of that system, click here to take the Health Keeper's Oath, declaring that you will not knowingly participate in Medical Fascism

Dr. S Humphries MD is a physician of principle, a doctor who knows the first rule is Do No Harm. The doctor was distressed to learn that hospital policy essentially forced patients to have vaccinations without doctor approval, but with the FORGED legal authorization of the doctor written into the chart, all without any meaningful informed consent. The good doctor objected. And the report continues with what happened next:

"My dissatisfaction eventually made it to the Chief of Internal Medicine who challenged me to produce peer-reviewed journal articles in support of my objection. There were dozens of case reports of kidney disease or small blood vessel inflammation following influenza vaccination. In fact, one paper cited 16 patients in its written report[ see foot note in original article - REL]. Under-reporting of adverse vaccine reactions is a known phenomenon. The National Vaccine Information Center estimates that only about two percent of adverse vaccine reactions ever get reported. It would follow that written and published case reports found in medical journals represent a minuscule sampling of the totality of vaccine injury cases. These implications should evoke at least some curiosity on the part of doctors and health care advocates..."

Read more:

Read More about the Health Keeper's Oath:



BAN GMOs Before They Destroy Our Entire Food Supply

Urgent Action Steps to Save and Food Freedom

DEFEAT S. 510, Before Clean Food Becomes Illegal



NEEDED NOW Once for each member of your household!

The Science is pouring in.  GMOs are dangerous to our health and that of the planet we live on.  Yes, it is that bad.  Yielding to industry pressure, S. 510 is before the Senate. It will give the FDA incredible power (although it mishandles what it has now, killing huge numbers of people every year) to turn over the food supply to Big Agribiz and Big biotech, literally criminalize clean, healthy food - even from your own garden.

The US FDA/USDA/EPA are nothing more than industry captives.  Let's get rid of GMOs before they make all of us infertile, give us preventable diseases like cancer and destroy the ecosystem of the only planet home we have. Let's defeat the bill that would make us all food slaves, S. 510.


1. Take both Action Items, to say NO!!!!! to GMOs  and

o protect our family healthy food in the form of the disastrous # 501 bill.  Please take this action item seriously  and submit it once for each member of your family.
2. Disseminate both of these Action Items to every single person you can reach, asking them to take these action steps once for every member of their families and disseminate them to their entire circle of influence
3. Find novel ways to share this information: fliers with the links of the Natural Solutions Foundation, its Blog and its Action Items, for example

4. Contact Kathy,, for a free Organizer's eHandbook to help you disseminate this information in your community - local organizing, on the Tea Party model, is powerful Push Back!
Donate as generously as you can.  Your 100% tax deductible donation to the Natural Solutions Foundation makes it possible for us to protect both your health and your health freedom.
It is possible to stop the ogre: like Jack and the Beanstalk, when we take the tools that we have at hand, especially the legal ones, as we are doing with the Stop the Shot Litigation to defend against the H1N1 and other flu vaccines, we can prevail.

Is It Easy? No, of Course Not!

Can It Be Done?  OF COURSE!

Can it be done? Yes, with determination, grit and resources. We supply the grit, you supply the determination and the resources.

Together, we are the HEALTH FREEDOM TEAM, the Natural Solutions Foundation, which is the Voice of Global Health Freedom™ because of you.
Now is the time to act to make it clear to the power system that the real power lies in our hands! Push Back Works!
Take Down works, too, and it's time to push back and take down this threat to health and freedom.

Take this Action Item once for each member of your family and then pass it on, and on and on.  The life you save WILL be your own!

Please make your generous tax-deductible donation here:


Two Powerful Articles!

Open Letter from Dr Rima to
Forbes on Feb. 8, 2010 Article on "Vaccine Deniers":
Just Get Vaccinated

To the Editor, Forbes Magazine:

Your recent plea to make sure that everyone lines up for an H1N1 vaccination relies on misinformation, shocking in a publication which prides itself on reliable, research-based articles.

You decry the "pseudoscience" of the "vaccine deniers" and state that failure to get vaccinated was probably the cause of many of the deaths which you uncritically ascribe to a lack of vaccination.

Your breathless endorsement of inaccurate propaganda requires a fact-based response -

First, your assertion that H1N1 has "taken 14,160 lives, 2,328 of them in the U.S. Within the latter group are 248 children" is dramatic, but meaningless and totally inaccurate...

Read more at:

Valley of the Moon
Eco Demonstration Project

"It has been a very busy couple of  weeks since we returned to the Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project, the Natural Solutions Foundation's Headquarters Finca (farm)  in the Highlands of Panama, from our Health Freedom USA 2010 War Council. I was way too jammed up with things I had to attend to in order to write to you all and tell you what is going on, but I am carving time out of a very, very busy day to share with you what is happening because it is so interesting and important.

General Bert and I were in the States for 3 weeks (willing to travel there only because your Push Back has -  so far - managed to avert both an overt closing-down of society into a police state and mandatory H1N1 (or other) vaccination for all seeking to enter or leave the US..."

Read more:


Cognitive Enhancement

There's A Battle For Your Mind

You know there is a battle going on for your mind (or maybe against it!). Part of the Globalist Agenda to reduce the human population and restrict our freedoms goes on in our own heads, as we are subjected to a level of propaganda that can only be termed "mind controlling." Its success depends on making sure that we are dumb, dull, deluded and distracted...

Here's A Potent New Weapon
For Us to Use:

Dr. Rima's
Cognitive Enhancement Nutrient Packs

Direct URL:

The effectiveness of the genocidalist elite is maimed by what they misunderstand about human nature; it is that very misunderstanding that they seek to perpetuate in our minds.

It is a commonplace that advertising takes place in the mind of the beholder, and to a great extent, the events that populate our recent history have been carefully orchestrated to limit our perceptions of possible futures, futures in which we have enough good, wholesome food to promote long, healthy lives in a planet-sustaining manner.

While it is true that you are what you eat, or, rather, what you absorb, it is also true that your mental capacities depend on your nutritional status; truly, what you think depends on the nourishment you absorb.

For example, if you obediently dose yourself with fluoride toxin on your toothbrush every twelve hours, as you have been taught, you will ensure that fluoride's powerful psychoactive effects, leading to docility and mental passivity and pliability, will limit your capacity for independent thinking.

Read more:

Dr Rima and Gen Bert Video
on Cognitive Enhancement:


Great Videos!

Dr Rima and Gen Bert Video on
Cognitive Enhancment:

Gen. Bert on the Global Eugenics Agenda:
Part Two:

Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert report on the

Health Freedom War Council:

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Push Back/Take Down
News of the World

Czech President Nixes H1N1 Vaccination Mandate

WHO On the Defensive: We Did Not Hype H1N1 Pandemic, Do Not Have Big Pharma Conflict of Interest

Council of Europe Investigates Big Pharma/WHO "H1N1 Gate" Fraud

Vast Numbers of H1N1 Vaccine Doses Returned by States, Countries

Taiwan Minister's tearful Appeal Gets H1N1 Vaccination Going Again, Despite Adverse Events, Deaths

MMR Vaccine STILL the Cause of Autism, Says
Andrew Wakefield, MD


Coffee as a Health Food?

How About A Cup of Antioxidants?

Antioxidant Coffee, Black or With Cream, is Number 1 Source of Antioxidants for US!

Benefits of the Bean's Antioxidants

  • Drinking coffee cuts down the risk of liver cancer by almost half.
  • Antioxidants in coffee are beneficial for many ailments like Alzheimer, Parkinson and type 2 diabetes.
  •  Caffeine content in coffee acts by stimulating the brain and nervous system. It improves alertness and mental activity.
  • Some people also drink coffee to treat headaches and improve concentration.
  • Some studies claim that antioxidants in coffee reduce the tendency to develop depression.
  • Drinking coffee also reduces the risk of gallstone disease and prevents stroke.
  • Coffee also helps the liver improve its performance, it prevents the cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Coffee is also beneficial for dealing with heartburn and osteoporosis.

Coffee provides more than just a morning jolt; that steaming cup of java is also the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Scranton (Pa.). Their study was described today at the 230th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society.

The beverage, and its constituent ingredients, has come under increasing study with research linking it to reduced risk of diabetes, and improved liver health.

All the tested coffee solutions showed remarkable antiradical activity. 

Maximum antioxidant activity was observed for the medium-roasted coffee; the dark coffee had a lower antioxidant activity despite the increase in color.

del Castillo MD, et. al.

In conclusion, these commonly consumed beverages have a significant antioxidant activity, the highest being soluble coffee on a cup-serving basis.

Richelle M, et. al.

The results indicate that brewed coffee contains many antioxidants and consumption of antioxidant-rich brewed coffee may inhibit diseases caused by oxidative damages.

Yanagimoto K, et. al.

The roasting of coffee beans dramatically increases their total antioxidant activity. A roasting time of 10 minutes (medium-dark roast) was found to produce coffee with optimal oxygen scavenging and chain breaking activities in vitro (6). A study of robusta and arabica coffees from six different countries showed that robusta samples contained significantly more reducing substances than arabica samples and that protective activity measured ex vivo was significantly greater in roasted samples than in green coffee (7). Using the ABTS•+ method (the gold standard), it was confirmed that light roast or medium roast coffee has a significantly higher antioxidant activity in vitro than green coffee....

It can be concluded that coffee possesses greater in-vitro antioxidant activity than other beverages, due in part to intrinsic compounds such as chlorogenic acid, in part to compounds formed during roasting such as melanoidins and in part to as yet unidentified compounds.

Considering that the studies below were conducted with regular coffee, which contains toxic residues of dangerous agricultural chemicals, imagine the amazing health benefits of coffee that is

GMO Free
Pesticide Free
Herbicide Free

Raised with fermented, Beyond Organic compost, sunshine, shade, birdsong and clean, unpolluted water!

Now you're imagining drinking
Valley of the Moon Coffee
Order yours now while supplies last:

$18.95* plus shipping for an 8.8 bag


Make a $25 tax deductible donation*

and receive a tax deduction and your Valley of the Moon Coffee free*!

*Shipping Charges are Extra
and are Not Tax Deductible

Drinking instant coffee with or without milk produced the same uptake levels of coffee's antioxidants, including caffeic acid, ferulic acid, and isoferulic acid, according to findings of a study with nine people published in The Journal of Nutrition.

"Up until now there has been very little known about how proteins, especially from milk, influence the bioavailability and efficacy of coffee antioxidants,"

Said lead author Mathieu Renouf from Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne. "

" Our study is the first to show that coffee antioxidants are just as bioavailable in coffee with milk, as they are in black coffee."

On the other hand, the uptake of caffeic and ferulic acids was lower when coffee was made with non-dairy creamer and sugar, said the NRC scientists. 

[Why would you put that stuff in your body anyway? - REL]

Antioxidants in general have been linked to a number of potential health benefits, including protection against heart disease and cancer. For the current study, Vinson and his associates analyzed the antioxidant content of more than 100 different food items, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, oils and common beverages. The data was compared to an existing U.S. Department of Agriculture database on the contribution of each type of food item to the average estimated U.S. per capita consumption.

Coffee came out on top, on the combined basis of both antioxidants per serving size and frequency of consumption.

Momma Rima says,
"Coffee's great, especially
Valley of the Moon Coffee,, but don't forget to eat your veggies and fruits for more antioxidants.

I promise you that you have never tasted coffee this rich, this smooth and this satisfying.  It's Freedom's Coffee: Free of GMOs, Free of Pesticides and Other Toxic Chemicals.

Wake Up to Health Freedom!

Support Health Freedom With Your Morning Coffee


The Universal Antibiotic is A Major Threat to the Universal Illness Industry

One more thing: On January 1, 2010, colloidal and Nano Silver were totally banned for sale in the European Union. Big Pharma won this round there, but it is up to us to make sure that they do not have a victory elsewhere as well.

Recall that more than 90% of the antibiotics and anti-fungals used in the world are used in keeping abused, ill-fed, crowded and sick Factory Farm animals alive, and recall that this enormous market would be totally destroyed if silver were available.  Then recall that the remaining 10% of antibiotics are used for humans, principally because of respiratory infections.  But wait!  All is not well in Pharma Town!  Read the forecast in 2006, looking toward declining sales:

Antibiotic resistance is a significant problem which is negatively impacting prescribing patterns, consequently reducing antibiotic usage. The total worldwide market for [human - REL] antibiotics and antifungals was US$25 billion in 2005, but is predicted to fall to between US$15 and US$20 billion by 2016. This forecast is based on a number of factors, but largely due to declining rates of antibiotic prescriptions for respiratory infections - a major segment of the market.

Do the math: In 2006 Big Pharma was looking at losing a mere $5-10 Billion because human antibiotic use (never recommended for most respiratory disease) was declining.  If $25 Billion = 10% of sales, then way back in 2006, antibiotic and antifungal sales totaled about $250 Billion.  That is, in anyone's pocket book, a nice chunk of change. 

So if colloidal silver or its sturdier, more powerful cousin, Nano Silver IS the Universal Antibiotic and Antifungal (and research shows that it is), we are looking at a simple product that has no meaningful expiration date, no toxicity and can

Because of the determination of the US to "HARMonzie" with international restrictions, and because the amount of profit which would be lost is great enough to mobilize the Big Pharma cartel to push their captive regulators at the Fraud and Death Administration and Evironmental Pollution Administration

Nano Silver

: Then Universal Remedy "THEY" Definitely Do NOT Want You to Know About (or Have!)

Click on "Products", Scroll Down to "Silver Solutions"


Rima LaibowYours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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