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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dr Rima Reports - [4:25:24 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Who is Patrick Flannigan? His Technology Can Change Your Life!

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom™ -
Saturday, June 26, 2010

Listen to Dr Rima Reports
Sunday Night Starting 9 PM Eastern...

1. We address this week's news and rumors -- information and disinformation...
Amazing PUSH BACK victory! FTC power grab thrwarted!
Did the Prez impose Codex by executive order?
Do Silver and Gold ions cause Morgellon's Disease?
... and more new world order disinformation!

2. Dr. Rima interviews one of the most brilliant minds you wil ever meet...
Dr. Pat Flanagan
3. And then Dr. Rima answers your questions!

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Important Push Back Victory

FTC Power Grab Thwarted

Codex Commission Meets in Geneva July 5-9

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Confused about whether Codex has been "Sneaked in" By Obama's Executive Order?  Join us this Sunday at the top of the hour, 9 PM on the Dr. Rima Reports, and we'll set the story straight!  It's not what you've been reading on the Internet!

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Kudos to the Citizens Committee on Human Rights (CCHR) and Shame, Shame, Shame on the American Psychiatric Association (APA)!

As many of you know, I am a Psychiatrist. But a Psychiatrist with a twist, so to speak: I do not use, and have never used, drugs to "treat" psychiatric/mental/emotional  "illness".  So the latest turn of the screw that, tragically, the psychiatric profession has become is particularly galling and appalling to me: "Pre-diagnose babies just a few weeks old to take preventive steps (that means drug them for their entire lives despite the horrifying toxicity of psychiatric drugs) on the PRESUMPTION that schizophrenia is a biological DISEASE, a presumption for which their is not the slightest shred of evidence.  

I am proud to have participated in a number of CCHR documentaries on the evils and oppression of drug psychiatry and I am proud that I have not been a member of the American Psychiatric Association for decades because of my disgust with their incorrect and dangerous alliance with pharmaceutical medicine to the point at which there is nothing admirable or useful in "Biological Psychiatry" as it loves to call itself.  Shame on you, my fellow physicians who have become prostitutes for poisoners with no science to guide you, only herd behavior and money.  Shame on you.  And thank you, CCHR, for exposing this latest insanity on the part of the "Mental Health" industry. Read the article here:


What's A Nice Health Freedom Organization Like NSF Doing Setting Up Farms and Farm Schools?  And Why Panama?

We take our Mission Statement seriously: "to Discover, Develop, Document, Demonstrate and Disseminate natural solutions to the issues which threaten our health, food and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world." 

Since its founding in 2004, the Natural Solutions Foundation has pursued a vigorous program on many fronts, including natural solutions to significant social problems involving health and wellness.  Typically, we see the problem AND the solution months or years before most other people, they beat us up for it, we turn out to be right after all and the cycle repeats.  But that's why we are so good at what we do.

We consider the defense of health freedom to be part of those innovative solutions.  The threats to health and freedom are both domestic and international, as are the solutions. We have about three hundred thousand people on our Action eAlert

supporter list. Individuals and other organizations are welcome to participate in our many programs and action options so that netroots and decision makers share the same information and conclusions about the solutions to problems touching us all. We started in the USA, but we've become a truly international NGO (nongovernmental organization).

There is no way to break the back of the corporatist, globalist depopulation agenda without dealing with their primary weapon and our primary support system: food.

The Foundation's International Decade of Nutrition Program and an alliance among Health Conscious Nations expressed through international cooperation and the creation of demonstration BeyondOrganic-BioDynamic-ZeroEmissions™, Ecologically Sound communities and schools for farmers to share high impact, low technology natural solutions permitting economically and environmentally sustainable, chemical free farming is part of those solutions, too.

We consider Fr. Godfrey's UN-recognized Zero Emission Songhai Community in Benin to be an outstanding example of these principles so we have formed a strategic alliance with that Community, sponsoring Beyond Organic BioDynamic™ methods testing. The Panama Natural Solutions Foundation is establishing an Eco Demonstration Teaching Community in Central America.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is about just what the name says: solutions to important problems which are natural, sustainable and able to be replicated in many different contexts.

Problems are simple.  Solutions are often quite complex and require looking at the reasons, and the manner, in which the problems were created.

As the Trustees and Advisors of the Natural Solutions Foundation examine the web of intertwining factors that have brought us epidemic autism, cancer and other degenerative diseases, weakened immune systems, Codex impacting our health and governments relying on distorted science and corporate/government influence to keep people sick, shorten their lives, eliminate their health and their freedom for their own ends, we find one common thread throughout this morass of ill health and declining freedom: food.

Food is the core of our survival and therefore of our health.  As such, it is the core of our freedom.  Through it we can be enhanced and through it we can be diminished and eliminated.

The globalist plans, as well as the corporatist ones, depend on controlling food for us, the masses...

 Read more of this urgent message from Dr. Rima here:

Could Mercury Be In Vaccines
Specifically BECAUSE It Is Deadly,

Not In Spite of It?

No rational human being would consider putting one of the most deadly long-term poisons into babies' bodies if they believed that the poison would actually do life-long harm to the children and then harm their unborn offspring, IF they were still able to breed, would they?  Could they?  How could they? 

Paul G. King, PhD, President of CoMed,, looks at this question very closely as a trained scientist.  You must read his compelling editorial here,

to make up your own mine on this vitally important question. 

Whether you agree or disagree with Dr. King, click here,, to tell Congress that it is past time to hold Congressional Hearings on Autism and other Environmental Diseases.  Thanks for taking action once for every member of your family.  Now send this item to every person you can reach to ask them to submit the Action Item once for each member of their families and forward to their contacts to do the same to enlarge the circle of people calling for discovery and solutions to these tragic losses.


The Dr. Rima Network


The Valley of the Moon Natural Solutions Institute, which we call the "Dr. Rima Institute" for short, is about to open in the beautiful, bountiful, temperate highlands community of Volcan, Panama as early as mid July. You can read more about this, follow progress (we will be posting photos and videos!) at the Dr. Rima Network web site:

where you will also find a description of many of the natural protocols to be offered at the Institute.


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Cognitive Enhancement
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You know there is a battle going on for your mind (or maybe against it!). Part of the Globalist Agenda to reduce human population and restrict our freedoms goes on in our own heads, as we are subjected to a level of propaganda that can only be termed "mind controlling." Its success depends on making sure that we are dumb, dull, deluded and distracted....

See the video interview with Dr. Rima and Gen. Bert:

Let me quote General Bert, "'Focus and clarity' were the words Ralph used to describe the Cognitive Enhancement nutrients, and that is exactly what I experienced. Both my long and short term memory are enhanced by these products and my thinking processes are noticeably sharper. I am very impressed and intend to continue using them."

There are numerous smart nutrients, but few of them, working synergistically, have the capability of doing what these products actually do. In this battle to take back our food, our health and our freedoms, we must all be as mentally sharp as possible. That is why the genocidal elitists want us under-nourished and unable to think. I was so impressed with these products that I immediately began to study them and their impact. I researched the ingredients and am satisfied that there is no indication of a lack safety when used as directed. That's when I decided to create combination packs that would support mental function without agitating; would enhance cognition without later let-down.  Dr. Rima

If you've had problems placing orders for these extraordinary nutrients, we've set up a special email address for you to use; just email your contact information and we'll have you called back right away!

Natural Solutions Foundation has no corporate sponsorship.  YOU are our ownly sponsors, but the goods and services come from companies who believe in what we are doing.  Every sale helps to support the Foundation and move our health freedom actions forward.  We urge you to patronize these mission-driven malls where you will find outstanding ways to support and be supported as free men and women!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

The Dr. Rima Institute

Valley of the Moon™ Eco Demonstration Project

Valley of the Moon™ Coffee

Nano Silver: The Universal Antibiotic

StemEnhance: Increase Your Stem Cell Population Naturally

Detox Your Cells Naturally