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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knowledge is Survival! Open 4 Dr. Rima's Latest Vid, Info

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This week's Guests: First, Because "The One With The Best Songs Wins", You'll Meet Epigene's Bonnie and Sean, whose Brand New Rock Opera DVD and Book "A Wall Street Odessey" Is a Brilliant MUST HEAR, MUST SEE, MUST SHARE!

Next, Because Truth Telling Doctors are MUST HEAR, MUST SUPPORT, MUST LEARN FROM We'll Have Mayer Esenstein,  MD, JD, MPH, as our Special Guest!
Dr. Mayer has a pediatric practice with thousands of unvaccinated, healthy kids!  Guess What!  The Establishment Wants Him Silenced

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Japan's Reactors Are Leaking: Levels 1600xNormal 20 KM from Fukishima!


Call for a Ban on Both Now, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Two Technologies Can End Life on Earth.  Both MUST Be Banned Now!

Genetically Modified Food (GMOs) and Nuclear Power Are the Greatest Threats to Health and Life Ever Seen


As Trustee Ralph Fucetola and I prepare this email blast for distribution, we are uploading my Dr. Rima's Radiation Video, Part I.  I anticipate that it will be fully uploaded too late for this blast to go out with the link.  Therefore, on Thursday, March 31, 2011 you will receive another email from me containing the link.  Please open the email you receive tomorrow, watch and share the first part of my Radiation Protection Video.  Part II will follow shortly.

These information videos are just one of the many services provided by the Natural Solutions Foundation to keep all of us informed and protected.  While this information is free, we urge you to set up a recurring donation here, to help us continue to support your health and your freedom.  All donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.

The Japanese I Got No Worry Blues

Rima E. Laibow, MD

1. Why all the worry, palaver and flurry?

Japan's well protected, so you must be, too!

Nuclear Power's a beautiful flower

Let's go have a picnic at Fukishima Number 2.

CHO: Woe, Woe, Woe, Ann Coulter wants me to glow in the dark

Woe, Woe, Woe, Radiation is just a walk in the park,

Woe, Woe, Woe, Obama says not to prepare

But I'm as sensible citizen, I know I gotta beware!

2. Trust the experts, just read the excerpts.

Don't bother your head with the little details

Serious men say again and again

Ignore all the facts so nuke power prevails.

CHO: Woe, Woe, Woe, Ann Coulter wants me to glow in the dark

Woe, Woe, Woe, Radiation, she tells me, is just a walk in the park,

Woe, Woe, Woe, Mr. Pres-I-Dent Obama tells me not to prepare

But I'm as sensible citizen, I know I gotta beware!

Break: I thought radiation was bad for my health

But now they go and tell me it quite good for me

Do you think, do you suspicion, there's an issue of wealth

That's driving the murderous lies in their pub-li-ci-ty?

Repeat Chorus, Disseminate

Once Again, Officials Lie About the Severity of Radiation From Fukishima.  Plutonium in the soil is "not a danger".  Reactor No. 2 is out of control.  So, While You and I are Assured With Insane and Inane Pablum that "Nuclear Power is Safe", Here's the Latest From Fukishima Daiichi:

RADIATION levels exceeding one of the International Atomic Energy Agency's criteria for evacuation have been detected in soil 40 kilometers from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, NHK has reported.

Following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese government established a 20-kilometer evacuation zone.

The news comes as radioactive iodine 4385 times the safety standard was found in seawater around Japan's troubled Fukushima nuclear plant.

The measurement, recorded by Japan's nuclear safety body, is the highest yet since the plant was thrown into crisis by the destructive and deadly March 11 earthquake and following tsunami, NHK said today.

Japan's nuclear safety agency says the government must consider expanding its evacuation zone around the Fukushima plant, according to Reuters.

The nuclear safety agency, however, told Reuters the IAEA did not officially request that Japan expand its evacuation zone.

Radioactive Waste From Fukishima Is Reaching the US and Europe.

Dr. Rima Recommends Emerald Sea, a Superior Source of Nutritional Iodine: Emerald Sea Organic, Natural Sea Vegetables

Note: Nutritional Iodine is NOT the same as Postassium Iodide, the substance used to block the binding sites of the thyroid to protect it from radioactive iodine fall out but it is a powerful aid in healthy tissue and organ function and should be a part of everyone's diet.

Listen to the Special Dr. Rima Reports Broadcasts with Adrian Goad on Radiation Damage Protection and

Nutritional Iodine

Whey Protein

"I've sourced a good source of natural Iodine (not the phramaceutical form used for prescription purposes)  and Whey Protein (which stimulates the production of glutathione, your body's first defense against radiation damage) since the disaster in Japan reminds us all how deficient in Iodine the population is; supplementing will benefit your body no matter what happens; product name: Emerald Sea:"
 “If ever there was a time for life style change, coupled with a demand for clean, unadulterated food and the protection and support of the supplements that you need now and will need for the rest of your life, it is now. And if ever there was a time to call for the total banning of the two most dangerous misapplications of science in human history, GMOs and nuclear power, that time was yesterday. We missed yesterday so today is the time, and tomorrow and all the tomorrows that these disasters still allow us.”  Dr. Rima -

Monitor US Radiation Levels Here: - Updated Every Minute
Another Radiation Map for US: - Updated Every 15 Minutes
Monitor Jet Stream Activity Between Japan and US, Europe: - Updated Every 6 Hours


Freedom Song Contest

Speaking of great songs, don't forget our new
Contest to create an English language Health Freedom Anthem!
Entries are already pouring in!

Create an English Language Freedom Anthem
First Prize: Freedom
Second Prized: Freedom
Third Prize: Freedom

But as a thank you to the first prize winner, the Natural Solutions Foundation will send you 10 lbs of our magnificent Valley of the Moon Coffee,, worth $500.

Our Second Prize 'thank you' is 5 lbs of coffee, worth $250 and our Third Prize thank you is $125 worth of Health Freedom's Coffee!  Not a coffee drinker? We'll give you a gift certificate worth that amount for our wonderful store,

Create your song; sing it; tape it and post it on YouTube. Then email the link to, with "Song Contest" in the Subject Line.  All entries become the property of the Natural Solutions Foundation and may be used to further Health Freedom!

More about the Contest here:

Listen to the new Portugese Freedom Anthem:



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Well, here we are.  We need money to pay DIA, go to the meetings you want us to attend, pay our bills.  Unlike most organizations we do not need money to pay the people who are leading the fight since the Trustees take no money for their services.  We wish we could pay ourselves something, but we can't.

We know it's really hard out in America right now. We know you are working hard just to make ends meet. We know how all your expenses have been going up; we buy groceries too.

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Inflation is hurting NGOs like the Nautral Solutions Foundation just like it is hurting individuals.
From a health freedom perspective, are you willing to have us lose our ability to communicate and act?  If not, then you need to act.

Here is the link where you can make a donation to sustain YOUR Health and YOUR Freedom:

Give what you can.  "Nothing" is not an option if you value your health freedom.
Now, the inflation and light donation in this economy is literally threatening our ability to Push Back. Our bill with Democracy in Action has grown to over $7,000 and we've gotten a cut-off warning.

We need you all to dig a little deeper and just donate a few dollars (or more!) on a regular basis to help us meet our obligations -- so we can keep on Pushing Back for you and with you!

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News and Events ...   News of the Absurd, But All Too Real
[1] After Waiting Nearly a Year, Judge Dismisses Ear Candlers Case: Companies Under Attack Have "NO STANDING TO DEFEND THEMSELVES"!
Appeal Filed.  Please Support Your Health Freedom!
[2] Horse Pucky Award of the Week:  CDC Says We're All Gonna Die [Again]!
"The CDC and LA Times reports a “Superbug” that kills 40% of the people it comes in contact with has hit 35 US States and is now being spread through California medical facilities. Public Health update of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) producing metallo-beta-lactamases (NDM, VIM, IMP) in the U.S. reported to CDC. ... Given the importance of Enterobacteriaceae in healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and the extensive antimicrobial resistance found in these strains, all types of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) are an important public health problem, regardless of their mechanism of resistance or their country of origin. In addition, as Enterobacteriaceae are a normal part of human flora, the potential for community-associated CRE infections also exists. Carbapenem-resistance in Enterobacteriaceae can occur by many mechanisms, including the production of a metallo-beta-lactamase (such as NDM, VIM, and IMP) or a carbapenemase (such as Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase, KPC)."
[3] Vaccine Nightmares ... Continued
"Friday, March 25, 2011 - Today, the Washington State legislature passed the back-door forced vaccinations bill that effectively limits parental exemptions, and the West Virginia Supreme Court yesterday found in favor of public health officials barring/expelling from the public schools any child exempted by parents from the unduly heavy CDC-recommended vaccination schedules. This shows that US state governments are as irremediably corrupt as the federal government, and that the American people have no recourse but to exponentially multiply what was recently done in Wisconsin and engage in widespread informal secession from the empire until we have reclaimed our national and individual freedom
and sovereignty. -- REC

Vaccines Being Pushed in an Organized Campaign by Pharmaceutical Cartel Lobbyists in US State Legislatures
[4] Planet Earth's Genome Threatened!
Q. What Do GMOs and Nuclear Power Have In Common? 
A. They Are Both Capable of Destroying the DNA of the Planet and Destroying Life on Earth

Damaged DNA, Like Diamonds, Is Forever


Click Here to Tell Decision Makers That Your Body and
Your DNA are Not Available To Be Contaminated and Destroyed!
Read more: 

"Nuclear Power is still being touted as "Safe" while what might very well be the greatest natural cataclysm to ever take place unfolds - and WILL contaminate the entire US (saving Florida and the southern tips of Texas and California, at least on this first pass) just as GMO "PHUDE" has already contaminated our entire food supply.  GMOs are being touted as "Safe"as well." 

Dr. Rima

Action Item:

BAN GMOs and Nuclear Power NOW!
Action Item:
Do Not Increase Debt Ceiling to Fund S.510 $16B Slush Fund

Action Item: Do Not Raise Federal Debt Ceiling or S. 510 Will Be Funded Out of $16B "Slush Fund"!
Do Not Fund the Food Control Law! nofoodcontrol

Counsel Ralph's Video on the Federal Debt Ceiling:

   The New World Order seeks to control every aspect of our lives in a vain attempt to maintain its eroding power. In direct opposition to that intent, Natural Solutions Foundation seeks to “discover, develop, document, demonstrate and disseminate” natural solutions to some of the many issues facing people around the world.Through our web sites, social networking and Action Items, we seek to educate decision makers in this regard.

Action Items here:

   We’ve shown, over the past several years, that PUSH BACK really works… here is a listing of over 75 instances in which We the People have pushed back against the NWO and are winning:

   We've created Seven Action Items to educate decision makers like your elected representatives in Congress and your State, creating that Push Back.

   These Seven Action Items cover the main Health and Food Freedom Issues.  The new Action Item below is a vitally important tactic to prevent Food Freed from disappearing in the US through debt-based slush fund funding; please send your messages on all the items every day until the decision makers listen! And it is urgently important that you share these links with all your contacts, urging them to act and share the links with their contacts, and so on:

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