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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dr Rima Reports: OK 2 Keep Funding UN Genocidal Agenda?

Health Freedom Alert

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Wednesday: August 31, 2011
This Sunday: Sheriff Mack on Health Freedom!
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-De-Funding US/UN Globalist Agenda

Gen. Bert's Broken Hip Update!
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    Weaponized World Video

The Final Word: FREEDOM

 Dr. Rima Reports Talks with Sheriff Mack This Sunday Morning
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Action Item:

So, in the pre-presidential election posturing, the GOP wants to hold up payment of the USA’s UN dues and change the law so that the USA only funds those things that Congress appears to believe in… like endless war, nuclear power and mandatory vaccines (all three, uninsurable risks) but withhold support to, oh, say, the Palestinians or Syrians or others whose current political system may (or may not) differ from ours.

OK. Works for me. We need to defund the UN and take away the power that it has been given over our military, our land, our water, our health, our population. [Didn't expect to see that coming? Just why is a certified progressive like Dr. Rima consorting with fringe Republicans? rf]...

Read the rest here:

From Dr. Rima: Updated
Report on Gen. Bert's Broken Hip

Last week's report was:
Vitamin C Wars: Your Money or Your Life

This week's report continues the adventure...

You may recall that General Bert took a tumble and while all the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men did not get into the act, two trauma surgeons, a helicopter airlift pilot and nurse and 6 days in the hospital later, he emerged on a walker with a much stiffer, swollen and difficult-to-move hip and thigh than he should have.

Why do I say that? Because despite their great lip service and lovely personal bedside manners, the doctors at Santiago’s famed (and very nicely managed) Clinica Alemana gave me a lot of ‘look ‘em straight in the eye when you lie’ nonsense about giving Bert the Vitamin C that he needed (50 G every 12 hour in an IV bag) but wound up giving him a ridiculous 10 G every 24 hours, or 1/20th the dose that he needed to prevent the pain and swelling of a broken hip and the following traumatic surgery... AND IT COULD EASILY HAVE KILLED HIM!

Read more here:

Some Health and Food Freedom
News Headlines of the Week

Mandatory Vaccination:
Coming Soon To A School Near You!

No matter where they live, Texas A&M Students Must Have Yet Another Mandatory Jab.  Why, Given That Vaccines Don't Work? Personal Freedom?  FUGGEDABOUTIT, or Push Back!

Of Course, Unvaccinated Children are Significantly Healthier than Vaccinated Ones, According to a New Survey.  Can't Have That, Now Can We?

Ready to Be "Softened Up" for Clones and GMO Humans?  How About Some Nice Music and a Soft Voice to Make It All OK?

Fukishima: No Threat to Health? We Told You Months Ago That the Damage and Danger Were Cataclysmic.  Officialdom Lied. New Analysis of Data Makes It Even More Obvious.

Radiation Levels in Tokyo 1000 Times Higher Than Levels Which Triggered Chernobyl Evacuation.   Still Willling to Accept Nuclear Power?

Take Action NOW: End Genomecidal (DNA Destroying) Technologies: GMOs, Nuclear Power and Vaccines

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Dr. Rima's HCG Diet Saga Continues...

Yes, Dr. Rima is blogging again about her experiences and experiments with the HCG diet... and discussing the extraordinary cuisine that lets her enjoy her shrinking...[4]

The Final Word: FREEDOM

From General Bert:

Well, folks, What'll it be?  Slavery and death for us to support the fake 'sustainability' for the elite or freedom for us all?  You get to chose, at least for just a while longer.  Then, the moving finger of history will have written the end of the line, chapter and verse.
Right now, we get to help impact what that writing is.  But inaction will rob of us that chance. The time is now.  The hour is late.  The choice is yours.

Only YOU can secure and maintain your own FREEDOM; we do that by taking concerted action. That Action to defend freedom is your Push Back.

We rely on YOU to take the Actions that challenge the attackers and change the "facts on the ground." We also rely on you to fund our ability to marshal the power you are creating through your Push Back!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Secret To Curing Cancer: You've Been Throwing It In The Trash

Health Freedom Alert

August 30, 2011

"Knowledge can bring hope, where standard medicine offers none."-- Dr. Rima

The secret to curing cancer:
You've been throwing it in the trash!

In 1921, a British doctor discovered that a remote tribal people was almost totally cancer-free. But when members of this tribe move away from their native land and change their diet, they get cancer just like anyone else.

It's all thanks to a food most of us throw away as waste!

Click here now and watch a new video presentation about this cancer breakthrough.

One cancer expert calls this overlooked food "the key to curing AND preventing cancer" — and you can benefit NOW -- without going to a doctor or buying expensive supplements.

This little throwaway food tastes great. Bill Clinton (of all people) eats it regularly, and so can you.

Click here now to watch the video!


Lee Euler
Publisher, Cancer Defeated

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