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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Letters to House Reach Your Member and Speaker Pelosi

MAY 27, 2006


Your letters to your Representative are also sent to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. For that reason you may have received an email from her office when you sent your letter to your Representative. We have asked the company that makes sure that your comments actually reach Congress (which keeps changing their email addresses!) to direct your emails to Speaker Pelosi's email address as the Speaker of the House, not just as a Representative for her district (unless, of course, you live in her district).

We believe that it is important for the House leadership to be apprised of your comments, too. That way you get are having twice the impact when you send a letter to your Representatives.

To all of you who wrote to tell me that you had gotten a response from Speaker Pelosi's office, thanks. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation


Link to submit your comments on the CAM Guidance (deadline extended until 4/29/07):


Link to submit your comments urging the House to protect you from the dangers of S. 1008, the "FDA Revitalization Bill"





Saturday, May 26, 2007

Links Fixed: There's Still Time to Protect CAM from the FDA

CODEX Action Alert
Natural Solutions Foundation

May 25, 2007
FDA CAM Guidance is a Set Up for Codex Compliance!
Submit Your Comments During Extended Comment Period!

Bottom Line:
You still have time to submit your comments to the FDA to tell them to leave
Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM) alone.
The Natural Solutions Foundation's request for an extension of the Public Comment period has been granted and we have until May 29, 2007 to let the FDA know in no uncertain terms that what they are proposing is simply not acceptable to us! We, the People are not having it!
The CAM Guidance, which Dr. Ron Paul (R-TX) calls "an abuse of FDA power", is poised to turn all natural health practices into treatments that only licensed physicians can perform (by defining CAM as "Complementary and Alternative Medicine") and turn all items and substances used with with the intent to produce healthful effects into untested medical devices and drugs (overriding and rendering protective laws like DSHEA* irrelevant -- long an FDA goal). By the way, as a physician, let me point out that when doctors use CAM procedures instead of drugs, they frequently are "disciplined" by the pharma-dominated State Medical Boards and often loose their licenses for it!
Here is the link for you to use to let the FDA know that you value your health freedom:
FDA on Steroids
Equally important, tell the House of Representatives to protect your health from the dangerous of a "REVITALIZED" FDA as legislated into existence by Senator Kennedy's ill advised and dangerous legislation S. 1082, the FDA Revitalization Act of 2007. Passed by the Congress on May 9 with no public comment and precious little Senate debate, this bill makes and already corrupt and dangerous federal agency even more corrupt and dangerous. Only the House of Representatives stands between the havoc which an even more drug-company friendly FDA, even more dependant on rushing drugs to market despite their clear dangers. Just look at the deaths and suffering causes by Vioxx (now approved for use in children!) , Avienda, Zyprexa, Baycol, etc., etc., to see how bad it is now. Look at the deaths caused by Gardasil, the "safe" vaccine for children and girls to "protect" them from HPV-related cervical cancer.
Now imagine what a "Revitalized" -- read "even more out of control, industry subservient" -- FDA will mean to you and your loved ones. Properly used drugs are already the leading cause of death in the industrialized world. Imaging what happens when the FDA is even more out of control, even more dependent on drug company "User fees" and under even more industry pressure to release more drugs to the public with even less safety testing AND takes on the role of a private drug company as well .
Click here
(ttp:// to tell the House of Representatives that you need them to protect you from Big Pharma run amok.
Natural Solutions Foundation 'Tells It Like It Is'
The Natural Solutions Foundation ( is a world leader in protecting health and health freedom. We tell you the truth no matter whose propaganda it hurts, no matter whose oxen are gored! The owners of those oxen, so to speak, quite naturally do not like what we have to say. Using all of their usual tools (disinformation, smear, innuendo and hacking, for example), the "ox-keepers" keep trying to make us disappear. You are too smart for them and we are too persistent. Consider the inconvenient truth revealed in the Codex Video on our home page, "Nutricide". You can purchase the DVD, too.
Our site,, and our action campaigns are interfered with so regularly now that I don't mention it every time it happens any more. Each time we get it really right, our links and/or our site "suddenly" develops massive problems. Hundreds and hundreds of people write to me to say that the links they are tryiung to use are not working. We repair them. Second verse, same as the first.
We take it as a complement, of course. Sites on new patterns for afghan throws or goulash recipes don't run into this sort of problem! (I love goulash, by the way).

Plan B: the Activist's Friend
That's why we have created our "Plan B". An astonishing 190,305 people have submitted their comments through our site. But another 262,572 people could not do so because of the "hacking and attacking" going on. Any time you cannot submit a comment or take an action through our site, simply send me an email with "SUBMIT" in the subject line and your full name and address in the body of the email. Remember your name and address or we cannot take the action you are requesting. Send me an email if the links are not working and we will do the submission for you. It's just one of the ways that the Natural Solutions Foundation supports your voice and your participation in this decision-making process. In this case, make the subject read "SUBMIT-CAM".
My email is
FDA Guidance on CAM Regulation
A Set Up for Codex Compliance
The "FDA Guidance on CAM Regulation " is a preparation for Codex implementation. Codex, a Big Pharma initiative right from the start, wants to kill competition (that means ALL natural medicine techniques and products including supplements, herbs, healthy foods and nutrition, and so on) with utter disregard for the lives and well-being of people.
The FDA Office of Policy and Planning (very highly placed in the FDA hierarchy, by the way) has taken the time and effort to mis-state, extend and distort the law setting up the most draconian interpretation of how to restrict CAM -- read pharmaceutical free -- treatments and therapies. They did not do this just to pass the time of day. We believe that they are setting up natural health treatments and products for "enforcement" activities to drive them out of existence, leaving the field free for drug companies to make a killing while they kill us.

If you are one of the nearly 200,000 people who has submitted your comments to the FDA, thanks! If not, please do it NOW! Our extension runs only until May 29, 2007 so time is running out to make sure the FDA hears us loud and clear. Remember, the last time Americans got this angry, instead of taking away our rights to use dietary supplements, as Congress was in the process of doing, our voices were so loud that Congress passed DSHEA* by unanimous Congressional Consent!

I have a favor to ask of you: Can you commit to helping 10 more people to submit their comments, too? Simply ride the freedom mouse, send the links in this email to your contacts and tell them in your own words how urgent this matter is.


2/3 of Americans Think they Have the Right to Control their Health.

Big FDA/Pharma Disagrees

What do 2/3 of Americans do? Whether they also take drugs or not, two hundred million Americans use CAM treatments and therapies according to sources like the New England Journal of Medicine. My estimate is that for every dollar spent on the Wellness Industry, including last year's $25 Billion supplement bill, approximately $20 does not flow into the coffers of the illness industry. That's a lot of missing dollars!
Big Pharma has enough resources to buy Congress, control the FDA, spend 4 billion dollars last year on Direct to Consumer advertising, 16 billion dollars on direct to doctor advertising, etc. They are clearly not at all happy about their lost income. Some people never have enough money or enough control. Big Pharma is acting like that kind of person. But it has the power to kill you while it's garnering its control.
What do the drug companies want to do about this lost cash? Smash, totally eliminate, literally kill the most powerful competitor for treatment dollars this side of clean, unadulterated food! And the FDA is their hip-pocket play toy.

So Use These Links to Make Your Voice Count:
Use ( ) to tell the FDA to correct the abusive power it has laid out for itself in its "Guidance on CAM Regulation".
Use (ttp:// to direct the members of the House of Representatives to protect your health and your health freedoms from the dangers of Senator Kennedy's ill advised and devastatingly poorly conceived, but very, very "pharma phriendly" bill, S. 1082.
Use ( to make a generous tax deductible donation to the Natural Solutions Foundation.
( to visit, your source for organic supplements and personal care products. Every purchase protects your health and your health freedom. AND your purchases give you a 40% tax deduction as our way of saying ,"Thanks for your support!"
Speaking of thanks, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your enthusiasm, activism and support. I get a lot of wonderful emails thanking the Natural Solutions Foundation for the work we are doing. But the thanks really goes to you. It is your efforts, and your generosity, which are making the difference.
Thank you.

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
* DSHEA is the 1994 law called the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act which says that since foods are generally regarded as safe and dietary supplements are foods, they, too, are generally regarded as safe. The FDA has the power to remove supplements which present a clear and present danger to health but does not otherwise regulate supplements. The FDA does, however, regulate health claims.

Help Us Stop Codex!

Visit the Natural Solutions Store for supplements and natural medicines. All sales benefit the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Click here for a quick Codex Summary.

NOTE: If you click on a link and it seems like it isn't working, if it's a really long link and is two or more lines long, you may need to copy and paste each line into your browser's address bar, being sure to delete the space in between each section of the link.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Extension Granted! Tell FDA to Leave CAM Alone!

Natural Solutions Foundation
May 23, 2007
Guiding the Guidance
The Natural Solutions Foundation was so distressed by the abusive and dangerous "FDA Guidance on CAM Regulation " that we urged people to voice their strong objection to it directly to the FDA. And 185,522 folks did just that! Of course, 445,235 people tried to submit their comments but, because of constant interference with our links and our site, could not get their comments in to the FDA. To help those who had difficulty with the links, I hired 3 fill time people to submit their comments for them since our link continued to work (most of the time) so we were able to submit a huge number of comments that way (which we called "Plan B").
"Abuse of Power"
You may recall that the Natural Solutions Foundation applied for an extension of the Public Comment period for this skewed and alternative-medicine-hostile FDA "statement of the law" which is, in reality, what Congressman Ron Paul, MD describes as "an abuse of FDA power".
Well, we got our extension, but very, very grudgingly! Although the Public Comment period was closed on April 30, because of our request for an extension, it was reopened for a meager few days!
We have until May 29, 2007 to get it through to the FDA that their "Guidance on CAM Regulation" is, in fact, a serious misstatement of the law. Our legal analysts believe that it is an apparent preparation for "enforcement" of that misstatement of the law against all natural procedures and products. This is not acceptable to the American public. We need to tell the FDA that in no uncertain terms.
This is the guidance that says ...
For example, the guidance says that if the intention in using (or giving to yourself or another person) a food, juice or "CAM Product" [there is no such category but it would seem to refer to supplements, herbs, wheat grass juice, etc., etc.], that item then becomes an untested drug through your intent alone. Untested drugs are illegal in the US and abroad.
The guidance defines "CAM" as "Complementary and Alternative Medicine", not "Modalities" or "Medicines" so that any CAM modality of any sort (energy, nutrition, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) could become a "Physicians only" activity.
Licensed physicians who carried out these treatments instead of following "practice algorithms" (that means drugs) could face disciplinary action including the loss of their licenses and FDA raids by armed marshals and dogs on their offices.
By the way, there has been a lot of internet discussion about whether or not the CAM Guidance is really a threat. Frankly, after reading what has been circulating on this question, those who do not believe that it is a real threat either do not get it or do not want to get it.
The threat could not be more real.
The FDA Office of Policy and Planning has taken the time and effort to mis-state, extend and distort the law setting up the most draconian interpretation of how to restrict CAM -- read pharmaceutical free -- treatments and therapies.
What do 2/3 of Americans do? They use CAM treatments and therapies. What do the drug companies want to do about that? Smash, totally eliminate, literally kill the most powerful competitor for treatment dollars this side of clean, unadulterated food!
Let's make our voices count!
The FDA acknowledged that they got a LOT of comments from us (if you remember, comments through our website were the only ones getting to the FDA according to the Office of the Receiver of Dockets). Your voice REALLY COUNTS when you submit your comments through the Natural Solutions Foundation Site, . The battle is far from over. Submit your comments now if you have not already done so. Even if you have sent in your comments through our site, please send this email with a brief introduction to your friends and colleagues asking them to submit their comments as well.
If the link is blocked (or broken), send an email to me at with "Submit-CAM" in the subject line and your full name and address in the body of the email. We'll make sure your comments are submitted to the FDA!
Here is what Ralph Fucetola, the attorney who applied for the extension on behalf of the Natural Solutions Foundation, has to say about the FDA's hostile and inappropriate response to the Voice of the People:

05/23/07 2:10 PM - FDA CAM Guidance Period Extended - a bit...

I just received a phone call from Philip J. Chao, FDA author of the CAM
Guidance to let me know that FDA just published an announcement that the
comment period has been extended through May 29, 2007.

The announcement is at: - that statement
indicates, "Public concern based on misinterpretations of the draft guidance
has generated a large volume of comments to the docket."

I take strong exception to this characterization of public demands to protect
our alternative practices. The FDA still doesn't get it. Upon whose authority
has the public concern been determined to be based upon "misinterpretations?"
The FDA makes the Guidance and then judges the opponents as "misinterpreters"
- this is the hallmark of bureaucratic hubris. The Agency can't be wrong, so
the public must be. Even when, as Congressman Ron Paul put it, the Guidance is
"an abuse of FDA power..."?

There is a clear disconnect between the Agency, Congress and the public --
with Congress supporting the public! For example, when the Senate earlier this
month wrote DSHEA protective language into S.1082, the FDA empowerment law now
before the House. It is therefore more important than ever that the House act
to enhance the Senate language by exempting all compounded, nutraceutical,
bioidentical and functional foods.

Ralph Fucetola JD
All rights reserved.
FDA Serves Pharma Masters,
Kills Americans
The marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry, also known as the FDA, wants to take down all competitors to drugs. All of them. If that is not what you want, now is the time to act. Click on this link ( ( ) to tell the FDA to correct the abusive power it has laid out for itself in its "Guidance on CAM Regulation" and then click on this link ( (ttp:// ) to direct the members of the House of Representatives in no uncertain terms to protect your health and your health freedoms from the dangers of Senator Kennedy's ill advised and devastatingly poorly conceived, but very, very "pharma phriendly" bill, S. 1082.
Thanks for your activism. We have to stay on these issues and that will mean a lot more emails and a lot more activism before this is all over.
I know how hard this is and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for staying the course. This is a long, drawn out battle but we will win in the end if we stay focused and motivated.
Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
PS: You know those three people I hired to submit for you when the links did not work? They get paid. The airline tickets to get to the Codex Meetings and conferences where we spread the message? They cost money. Hotels? Meals? Rental cars? Brochures? Telephones? Ditto. This is your battle. Please make a generous tax deductible donation (recurring donations really help us plan our budgets!) at
In addition, we have created an all-organic products shop for you. allows you to protect your health and your health freedom at the same time! Your purchases are 40% tax deductible, too.
PLEASE NOTE: If you click on a link and it seems like it isn't working, if it's a really long link (two or more lines long), you may need to copy and paste each line into your browser's address bar, being sure to delete the space in between each section of the link.

Help Us Stop Codex!

Visit the Natural Solutions Store for supplements and natural medicines. All sales benefit the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Click here for a quick Codex Summary.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Little Health Freedom Math

Natural Solutions Foundation
May 20, 2007

Math Problem Number 1:

T___ or F___

7 + 0 = Food Fascism?

Answer: True.

Last week Government regulators used Agribiz favoritism to make a mockery of any democratic process by allowing a mere 7 days for public comment on standards intended to degrade the meaning of "organic" without notice to consumers on food labels. By now this assault on health and health freedom should sound dreadfully familiar.

Background: Thinking to sneak changes to significantly lower organic ingredients by us, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) tried to give Agribiz (and "Agribrew") coveted prizes: permission to use low priced, non organic ingredients in high priced, organic foods. Industry, of course, had months and months to lobby and cajole their all-too-willing regulator-puppets into diluting organic standards yet again. USDA published the resultant proposed changes, AMS-TM-07-0062, on May 18, 2007 and then offered the public a scant 7 (rather than the usual 30-90) days to have their say.

The Natural Solutions Foundation caught the USDA in the act, alerted our supporters and has formally requested an extension of the Public Comment period from the USDA (

We can not be sure that we will get the extension we requested. That leaves us just 2 days to get our comments in on this critical issue.

Click here ( to tell the USDA how much you value your food freedom. If you have already done so, "Thanks!" You are a hero or heroine! If not, now IS the hour.

Math Problem Number 2:

T__ or F__

10 x 12 x Y = Health Freedom

Answer: True.

During the long, frigid and, for many, deadly Christmas Campaign of 1776-7, George Washington and his cold and hungry men endured the privations of winter without adequate fuel, boots, gloves, blankets or shelter. Historians tell us that the Continental Army lacked money to provision the troops and nearly lost the war because of it. The British were well supplied and well armed. They had firewood aplenty and all the food they needed.

The parallel is clear. The health freedom army needs provisions. We need researchers, lawyers, airplane tickets (which are no cheaper for activists than for any one else), hotel rooms, administrative staff, communications specialists, office machinery and supplies, telephones, computers, etc.

To date, General Stubblebine, our lawyers and I have not been paid a penny for the work that we do. In fact, we have, as you may know, closed our practice of drug-free medicine and poured our life savings into this work for the last 3 years. And we have accomplished a tremendous amount. But this is a serious battle and we are up against seriously provisioned opposing troops. The health freedom struggle is a winnable one. Let us not forget, however, that the other side has "more money", as they say in the North Eastern part of Scotland where I did my Medical School elective, "than God".


The Health Freedom Movement does not need that much money. But we do need enough to fight the battle at the level of acceleration and momentum which it has reached and to keep on fighting. We are in for the long haul and we need the resources to stay in.

Both Codex and health freedom battles are heating up so there are more issues to cover and more responses to generate, more irons in the fire and more kettles boiling.

Obviously, the health freedom battle cannot be fought without resources so I would like to make a proposition to you.


Share the Wealth

The Natural Solutions Foundation is the premiere US and global Health Freedom organization. If you understand how immense the forces arrayed against your health freedom truly are, if you value what the Natural Solutions Foundation is doing for you and value our continued work in this arena, now is the time for you to join the battle in an ongoing way.

I am asking you to make a tax deductible $10 per month pledge ( to the Natural Solutions Foundation. That's only 33 cents a day, just $120 dollars over a year, to fight health fascism, food tyranny, preserve your nutrients and supplements, help prevent the mandated diseases of Under Nutrition Codex wants to bring to you so Big Pharma can make money while your loved ones suffer needlessly. That's just 33 cents a day to help end world hunger and protect clean, unadulterated food and high potency supplements.


If You Can Give More, We Welcome It.


Imagine! Just 33 tax deductible cents per day from each of our supporters can bring us the resources we need to fight this battle to a successful conclusion!

I know you value your health freedom because you are reading this email!

The Natural Solutions Foundation provides outstanding leadership in the health freedom battles in the US and abroad.

  • We asked our lawyers to find the solution to the Codex menace and they found it.
  • We took it on the road to the international decision makers who can stop Codex in its tracks.
  • We lead the health freedom movement in reacting to threats like the recent, and very dangerous, FDA CAM Guidance.
  • Natural Solutions Foundation created the outstanding virtual store, , to bring you partially tax deductible, fully safe and effective supplements and personal care products.
  • We led the pack in reacting to the USDA degradation of organic standards (don't forget to send in your comments NOW!).
  • We are there for you on Genetically Modified Foods, Irradiation dangers, Fluoride (protecting healthy babies from added fluoride at the last Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses).
  • We provide leadership to the emerging coalition of pro-health countries participating in -- and changing -- Codex
  • We have gained thousands upon thousands of signatures in our law suit against the FDA's illegal position on "Harmonizing" with Codex in violation of US law via our "Citizens Petition",
  • We initiated the International Decade of Nutrition to use nutrition and high impact, safe technology to help end world hunger and promote world health.
  • We lecture and give interviews and trainings around the world.
  • We provide our information to the developing nations of the world free to their decision makers.

Wherever the Natural Solutions Foundation's input and information is needed, there we are. And we need you to be there, too.


Here is my promise to you: Every penny goes directly to the battle. Your pledge ( of at least $10.00 per month (more is, of course, gratefully accepted!) will help fund the Natural Solutions Foundation, the single most effective health freedom advocacy organization in the world, to keep on fighting until the job is done!

Thanks for your generosity and support.

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

Help Us Stop Codex!

Visit the Natural Solutions Store for supplements and natural medicines. All sales benefit the Natural Solutions Foundation.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

In for the Long Haul

Natural Solutions Foundation

May 19, 2007

Short, [Not At All] Sweet and Urgent

Health and health freedom, like liberty, require constant vigilance. And activism. Now is the time. Again.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), like the FDA, continues to slash away at clean, healthy food, and this time the public comment period has been reduced to an absurd 7 days.


Under the USDA proposal, thirty eight new "ingredients" will be added to the National List. Only products which have been added to that list may be added to organic products and do not have to be noted on the label.

These changes were announced recently and the public comment period was limited to a totally irresponsible 7 days! That period ends May 22, 2007.

I just got home from international traveling (attending a Codex meeting in Canada and lecturing in Sana Fe) not too many hours ago and found this information in my email in box. I knew that you would want to take action on this right away. Although the time is very short, it is a matter of health importance to you and your family to defend your food supply from the dangerous USDA.


USDA Wants More Non-Organic Ingredients in "Organic" Foods

The USDA serves its food industry masters very well.  The drug companies have embarked on a global campaign to degrade food quality. It's name is Codex Alimentarius. Like the drug companies, the Agribiz  realizes that the worse the quality of your food supply, the more money they make and the thinner your margin between optimal health and illness.  Their partners in this tragedy are the drug companies who know full well that the worse your food, the better customer you will be for drugs, chemotherapy and other highly profitable ways of managing illness which is, after all, their business.


Codex is a drug initiative (recently endorsed by the Indian drug makers association, for example) and the FDA, which increasingly acts as if it were a marketing arm for Big Pharma, declared decades ago (October 11, 1995, to be exact) that it will give preference to Codex standards over American ones. Codex has degraded Organic standards and the USDA is following right along. You can read the changes for yourself in the National Organic Products list at .


Is This What You Mean By "Organic"?

Although the Agribiz (including beer) companies (which so often violate organic regulations) have been given months to lobby for the changes in these proposed regulations. By contrast, the general public has been given 7 days. These changes will, like Codex, degrade your food and eliminate your right to know what is in that food. (The US, by the way, consistently points out in Codex meetings that Consumers' Right to Know issues have no place within the Codex context although one of Codex' three mandates is to protect the health of consumers.)

Among the Big Agribiz friendly changes:

  • Conventional hops (sprayed with pesticides, treated with herbicides and even, perhaps, genetically modified will be allowed in "organic" beer. Anheuser-Busch is reported to be lobbying hard for this one, by the way.
  • Conventionally raised animals (treated with antibiotics, growth hormones, fed genetically modified feed, concrete, newspapers, chicken parts and bones, slaughter house waste, etc., and subject to mad cow disease (as organic herds are not) will provide their intestines for "organic" sausage casings.
  • Fish oil (a wonderful dietary supplement) which has never been characterized or standardized would be permitted, allowing sub-standard oils from farm raised, chemical laced, cancer-ridden fish or poorly processed, mercury rich oils from ocean-dwelling fish would be added without further purity requirements.  All fish oils are definitely not created equal. The proposed standards makes them that way, however.
  • Food colorings which may have synthetic, genetically modified, chemical or allergenic components will be permitted.
  • Ingredients like organic Lemon grass, Rice Starch, Beet Juice & Whey Protein Concentrate are available in sufficient quantities to allow stipulation that only organic grades be permitted. The new regulations allow non-organic ingredients to be used without label notification despite the availability of these organic ingredients.
Action Steps To
Protect Organic Standards -- and Your Health

Step 1. Send your public comment letter to the USDA by clicking here ( to the USDA. Please do not delay. The Public Comment Period ends May 22.

Step 2. Notify your entire circle of influence that the UADA has once again threatened their health and their health freedom and ask them to use the link provided to send their comments. Send a brief introduction in your own words and forward this email to our contacts.

Step 3. Ask your contacts to notify THEIR contacts of the urgency of this request.

Step 4. If you or your contacts are not already on the mailing list for future Health Alerts, Please sign up on our home page, and urge your contacts to do so, too.

Step 5. The Natural Solutions Foundation believes so strongly in the importance of clean, bio-available and health products that we have a store devoted to exactly that: Organic supplements and personal care products. Please visit ( ) and support your health and your health freedom at the same time. Remember, your purchases support your health and the portion of your purchase that supports the Natural Solutions Foundation is tax exempt.  When you make a purchase you receive an email documenting the amount of your purchase which is a donation. Next year at tax time, that amount may be deducted as a donation!


Thanks for your activism! This is a long-haul battle and we need to keep fighting it whenever the attack comes!

Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation




Help Us Stop Codex!

Visit the Natural Solutions Store for supplements and natural medicines. All sales benefit the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Click here for a quick Codex Summary.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heating the House Up

Natural Solutions Foundation

Please Forward Widely

May 12, 2007

1082: What Really Happened?

The shameful Big Pharma giveaway called S. 1082, the FDA Revitalization Act of 2007, was passed by a bought-and-paid for Senate by a vote of 93-1. Other than Independent Bernard Sanders (Vermont), every member of the Senate voted to weaken the few protections left to the American people from dangerous drugs and corrupt regulators so focused on their own conflicted interests that they regularly allow the people of the United States (and, through the "Trilateral Cooperation Charter, of Mexico and Canada, too) to literally die while they make a killing.

Follow the Money

It is interesting to look at the Statistics presented by USA Today on May 11, 2007 in an article entitled "Senators who weakened drug bill received millions from industry".
I am, quite frankly, absolutely astonished that buying a Senator is so cheap. All in all, even the "big bucks" of their purchase prices are really not that much. Perhaps the non-monetized "favors" and "friends" that come with Big Pharma's pleasure are worth much more. As reported, between 2001 and 2007 the campaign donations from Big Pharma to the Senators that did the most to pass this dangerous, corrupt and corrupting bill came to:

* Richard Burr (R-NC) $520,694 (Burr was the sponsor of Bioshield III, a the biggest Big Pharma give away every until 1082)
* John Kerry (d-MA) 304,888
* Joe Lieberman (I-CT) 281,040
* Arlan Specter (R-PA) $259,699
* Orin Hatch (R-UT) $241,850
* Chuck Grassley (R-IA) $216,599
* Max Bacus (D-MT) $199,000
* Chris Dodd (D-CT) $192,025
* Tom Carper (D-DE) $183,749
* Mike Enzi (R-WY) $174,338
* Ted Kennedy $71,000

For Shame!

For shame that the Senate took no steps to protect food and dietary supplements, the single greatest economic competitor to pharmaceutical profits from a marauding FDA which already seeks to put the competition, natural medicine, out of business.

For shame that this Senate could not protect the American people from the same FDA that issued their malignant FDA "Guidance on the Regulation of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine)" which Representative Ron Paul, MD (R, TX) calls "an abuse of the power of the FDA."

The Fog of War

After the US Senate all (save one) abandoned the American people in favor of their big $ugar daddy (that's not sugar as in sugar pill, you understand), there was great confusion about whether Senator Durban's amendment protecting DSHEA covered supplements had, or had not, been included in the final bill. The Federal Register reported that it had been tabled. Our legal researcher, an attorney, called various Congressional offices and was told that the Durban Amendment
  • had
  • had not
  • perhaps had and
  • perhaps had not been passed as part of S. 1082.

Based on the information in the Congressional Record (at the end of this email) the Natural Solutions Foundation feared that SA 1022 might have been tabled and not included in the bill as sent to the House. After the passage of S. 1082 on May 9, 2007, the Natural Solutions Foundation made several inquiries to the offices of Senators Hatch, Kennedy, & Durbin as to whether amendment Durban's Amendment 1022 had been incorporated into the final version of S. 1082 passed by the Senate. Unfortunately, we got several contradictory answers. We have made a request to have a copy of the final version of the bill that passed the Senate, but have not yet been able to get a copy of the final bill.
The Natural Solutions Foundation has, however, received assurances from David Lazarus, a senior staffer with person knowledge at Senator Durbin's office, that the language of amendment 1022 which protects dietary supplements from further regulation was in fact incorporated into the bill passed by the Senate.

Echoing this information, Nicky Bassford of Senator Durban's office wrote,

"The Durbin-Enzi-Kennedy Amendment #1022 you inquired about was agreed upon and
is part of the FDARA bill that passed the Senate last Wed [May 9, 2007 - REL]. If enacted, it
would establish a rule of construction that states that nothing in this title
should be construed to effect the regulation of dietary supplements under
DSHEA or the reporting system under the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription
Drug Consumer Protection Act."

In fact, as I reported on May 3, that same day Senator Durban's amendment to S. 1082 (Enhancing Drug Safety and Innovation Act of 2007, S. Amendment 1022) was offered and passed by 94 of the 100 members of the U.S. Senate with six who failed to vote. ( This amendment includes the following language:


Nothing in this title (or an amendment made by this title) shall be construed to affect-- (1) the regulation of dietary supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act; or (2) the adverse event reporting system for dietary supplements created under the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act. "

Now that is good news but you will notice that the Durban Amendment does nothing whatsoever to protect foods and products not covered by DSHEA. This is a significant loophole and one which the House MUST correct if we are to have meaningful health freedom in this country.

Being Heard in the Halls of Congress

The Congressional Record report of the proceedings are at the end of this email. When you read the discussion on the floor of the Senate you will notice that several senators make reference to the fact that their offices have been besieged with calls from concerned citizens. The Senators were highly tuned to the fact that the people that give them their jobs and their astonishingly generous health care plans and pensions are not happy. If more people living in America had called and emailed (yes, your emails DO reach Congress: we use a special service which assures that your emails reach your Congressmen and women) perhaps we would not now be working so hard to make sure that the House of Representatives protects us from the marauding, and possibly illegal outrages of S. 1082.

Congressional Switch
Board Number
When you call, give the operator your zip code or address and say that you want to speak to your Representative. You will be connected to the appropriate office/

When you reach his/her office say something like,

"I am deeply concerned about the dangerous expansion of the authority of the FDA in Senate Bill 1082. I know that it permits even higher Users Fees, allows the FDA to collude with drug companies to hide the dangers of drugs, sets the FDA us as both a licenser and a marketer of drugs and does little to protect both foods and dietary supplements since only DSHEA products. I urge Representative XXX (insert name) to defeat the companion legislation soon to be introduced in the house or to amend it to exempt all foods and supplements and reign in the lethal excesses allowed to the FDA in this bill."

Then click here ( and send your email to your Representatives.
Hacked and Hacked Again

Although the Natural Solutions Foundation website has been repeatedly hacked (our domain name actually totally disappeared from the domain registry system yesterday!) and our links have been broken over and over again, I believe that you emails are so important that I have created another way for you to get them to your Representatives reliably.
I call it "Plan B".

Here is how Plan B works: if the links above not work for you, send an email to me with "Submit" as the subject and your full name and address in the body of the email. My email address is and the staff whom I have hired specifically for this purpose will submit the comments at that link for you. You can expect our links and our site to be hacked and hit from now on. We are just too effective for the other side to leave the site up. Think what that says about their weaknesses! Think what it says about our strengths.

I have said it before and I will say it again, "We ARE the ones we have been waiting for!" and when enough of us take our power into our collective hands, with our phone calls and our emails, we become unstoppable.

S. 1082 is a horrible piece of legislation. Of that there can be little doubt. Our Senate betrayed us (save for Bernard Sanders, of course). Of that there is no doubt whatsoever. And our hope now lies with the men and women of the House of Representatives. Let them know, in our vast numbers, how we feel and that we are watching what they do.
Circle Dance

Involve your entire circle of influence. Every one of them is touched in some way by an out of control, corrupt, biased and blatantly lethal FDA. The American Public has really caught on to the dangers and deceit of the FDA. When you give your contacts the opportunity to express that understanding and disgust, they will. Forward this email and ask them to become part of the forward movement to take control of our health back from dangerous, corrupt and heedless bureaucrats who stifle science in favor of their own interests, approve deadly drugs and simultaneously attack natural health options.

I am counting on you. Every child in the country who will be diagnosed with another dangerous drug to kill them with premature heart attacks, or kill themselves because they were heedlessly and needlessly given psychoactive medications, every elderly person who is demented and lost because of the brain damaged caused by drugs in the old and dehydrated, every autistic child needlessly crippled by poisonous vaccines, every person addicted to Oxycontin after the FDA allowed its addictive profile to remain hidden, they are counting on you, too.

By the way, if you have sent letters through our action pages before, you will note that you can send the link to up to 5 people. Many of you have written to say that you would like to forward the page to more people. To prevent being a spam site the system we use allows only a small number of forwards. My suggestion, however, is this:
Copy the link to the page to an email. Write a short description of the issue in your own words and then send your email to your entire list. If you do not want them to see each other's names and addresses (often a prudent choice) simply put their email addresses in the "blind copy" area and your own name in the visible part of the "Send To" address area. That way all of the people you want to send the information to get it and, better yet, they get your own way of stating the message, too. Nothing is more persuasive!

Speak for health freedom and spread the word. Tell your Representative that you want your health freedom protected and the corrupt and dangerous FDA brought under control now, at the 11th hour and 59th minute. Please remember that the Natural Solutions Foundation has no support other than yours.
Donations Needed
Please consider making a tax deductible donation right now. We especially appreciate recurring donations so that we know what we can count on each month!
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

On Wednesday, May 9, 2007, S.1082 passed the senate with several amendments and an amendment to the title by Yea-Nay Vote. 93 - 1. Record Vote Number: 157. (text: CR S5773-5822) On May 10, 2007 it was still unclear whether the final version of S.1082 include Amendment 1022 when passed. To answer this question the Natural Solutions Foundation searched the congressional record for answers. Here is the text of Congressional Record, S5482 verbatim:

From Senate Recorded Vote 149 (S.1082) you find, in part:

Mr. DURBIN. "...pursuant to the unanimous consent request, I ask that the roll be called on amendment No. 1022.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Under the previous order, the question is on agreeing to amendment No. 1022, as modified, offered by the Senator from Illinois. The yeas and nays have been ordered. The clerk will call the roll. The assistant legislative clerk called the roll.

The result was announced?yeas 94, nays 0, ...[Rollcall Vote No. 149 Leg.]

The amendment (No. 1022), as modified, was agreed to.

Mr. DURBIN. Madam President, I move to reconsider the vote and to lay that motion on the table. The motion to lay on the table was agreed to.

Mr. VITTER. Madam President, I ask unanimous consent that the pending amendment be set aside and that I may call up amendment No. 983.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there objection to setting aside the pending amendment?

Mr. VITTER. Madam President, I renew my unanimous consent request that any pending amendment be set aside and that amendment No. 983 be called up.

The PRESIDPRESIDING OFFICER. Is there objection? Without objection, the amendment is set aside, and the clerk will report.

Then on page 5491 we find:


Mr. HATCH. My office has been inundated by calls from people throughout the country who believe that this legislation, specifically the provision establishing a Reagan-Udall Institute, will overturn the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. That has not been my reading of the bill, but I wonder if other Senators have heard similar concerns?

Mr. HARKIN. Yes, I have received a good many calls as well. And, I have to say that I would be very concerned, as I know the Senator from Utah good many calls as well. And, I have to say that I would be very concerned, as I know the Senator from Utah is, if anything in the bill we are considering, S. 1082, would overturn DSHEA, a law we fought side-by-side to see enacted.

Mr. ENZI. It might be helpful if I explained the provision you are discussing, as my office has received many calls as well and I believe the callers are not informed about this matter. Subtitle B of title II of S. 1028 establishes the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Administration. That simple purpose of that nonprofit Foundation is to lead collaborations among the FDA, academic research institutions and industry designed to bolster research and development productivity, provide new tools for improving safety in regulated product evaluation, and in the long term make the development of those products more predictable and manageable.

Mr. KENNEDY. That is exactly the purpose of the Foundation, which was included in the drug safety legislation Senator ENZI and I introduced last year. The Foundation will be financially supported by industry and philanthropic donated funds. A chief scientist t FDA will promote intramural research and coordinate it with efforts at the Foundation.

Mr. HATCH. That explanation is very helpful. What, specifically, would the role of the Foundation be with respect to dietary supplements?

Mr. KENNEDY. Let me make absolutely clear that the Reagan-Udall Foundation will in no way override, overturn or conflict with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Nothing in this bill would have that effect.

Mr. ENZI. Yes, we took great pains to make certain there would be no conflict with DSHEA. Regarding foods, and dietary supplements are generally regulated as foods, the general directive of the Foundation is to identify holes in the evaluation of food safety and identify ways to address those deficiencies through collaborative research with industry.

Mr. HARKIN. So to make this absolutely clear, what you are saying is that the bill we are debating would in o way interfere with consumers' access to dietary supplements?

Mr. HATCH. To add to that point, it seems that the language could, in fact, help dietary supplement consumers, because it would allow collaboration between government and industry to conduct research on issues that might be helpful to supplement consumers?

Mr. KENNEDY. Yes, that is the case.

Mr. ENZI. I agree with Chairman KENNEDY's assessment.

Mr. HATCH. I thank you for those assurances and that clarification.

Mr. HARKIN. This has been a very helpful discussion, because Senator HATCH and I could never support legislation that would interfere with DSHEA and we are glad to receive the assurances of the chairman and the ranking Republican on the committee."

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