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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Delegate's Video - Free!

Natural Solutions Foundation
June 27, 2007
Getting Ready For Codex
(Rome 2-7 2007)
The Natural Solutions Foundation is getting ready to attend the Codex Alimentarius Commission next week. In fact, in a few hours we will be flying to Turin to present a paper on Codex and then to Rome to attend the annual meeting at which everything the Codex Committees have done is reviewed and moved forward, ratified or sent back for further work.
Part of the vitally important work of the Natural Solutions Foundation is sharing the Codex 2 Step Process which allows countries more interested in the health of their people than in the profits of multinational corporations (and the pleasure of the United States).
To do that we have developed a new tool: a brief, but highly informative video which we will hand out to delegates explaining what their countries can do to protect their people and avoid Codex' fangs: economic sanctions by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the event of a trade dispute over their non-Codex compliant choices.
You are invited to watch the first version here:
and the Codex eBook ( which demonstrates how the Two Step process works.
You are welcome to watch my lecture on the history of Codex (which will rivet your attention, I promise you!) on our home page, . I hope you will forward that video to your circle of contacts, too.
While you are on our home page, which can also be accessed by you might want to check out a video clip ( from the documentary "One Nation Under Siege" on compulsory drugging in the US with psychiatric medication (including children).
Unique Information
The Natural Solutions Foundation provides you with information you cannot get anywhere else and is on the ground fighting for your health freedom at home and in the international arena where so much of our health freedom is either won or lost in this era of malignant globalization.
The Circle
And we are once again asking for your support. If you have already given generously, then pass this email along to your circle of influence with a brief note asking each person in it to get involved because this issue is so important.
Your donations ( are 100% tax deductible and deeply appreciated. Whether you make a one time or a recurring donation, we appreciate your involvement and support. Donations pay for air fare and other associated travel expenses. They pay for office supplies and equipment, research expenses, internet access and similar costs.
Your donations do NOT pay for salaries or compensation for the lawyers who work closely with us or for a single penny to General Stubblebine or me. Our work is totally pro bono. We believe so strongly in this health freedom battle, and the personal, national and global significance of a positive outcome, that we have all devoted countless thousands - and more - hours to protecting your health freedom. That is our part. Yours is to spread the word and support the effort.

Updates and Announcements
Here is the best link to use to buy magnets or join as an affiliate under the Natural Solutions Foundation (which gives us a $10 donation from the Foundation for Magnetic Science for each Wellness kit purchased):
Use this link to support the Health Freedom Protection Act (HR 2117) introduced by Ron Paul (R TX):  
Tell your Representative to Oppose/Amend the dangerous sister legislation to the "FDA Revitalization Act", HR 1561:
Please join General Stubblebine and me at the following Health Freedom information events. We will be fresh from the latest Codex meeting and will be sharing what we learned and the latest in the health freedom battle.
Asheville NC on July 14, 2007
Tucson, AZ on July 15, 2007 (afternoon)
Patagonia, AX on July 15, 2007 (evening) 
If you are interested in attending these free events, please let me know by sending an RSVP to with "ASHEVILLE", "TUCSON" or "PATAGONIA" in the subject line and the organizers of these meetings will contact you with time, locations, etc.
Remember, you are the critical factor in the health freedom struggle.  Your voice makes the difference.  
We ARE the ones we have been waiting for!
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
PS: Our site is hacked and attacked regularly.  If any of the links do not work, please send me an email at with "SUBMIT - NEW VIDEO" as the subject and your full name and address in the body of the email and we will submit for you. REL

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Now It's Your Turn!

Natural Solutions Foundation
June 23, 2007
Now It's Your Turn!
For those of you who are busy and want the bottom line first, here are two important steps you can take right now to protect your health freedom:
1. Support Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117. Right now truthful claims are not permitted for supplements. This important legislation would change that so consumers could be informed of the benefits they can expect from supplements. Click here * to send a letter to your Congressman or woman urging them to become co-sponsors of this pro-health freedom legislation
2. Oppose/amend HR 1561, the sister legislation to the dangerous and invasive FDA Revitalization Bill, S 1082 passed by the Senate on May 9, 2007. This dangerous bill gives the FDA even more incentive and power to continue their dangerous anti-health freedom policies and approve dangerous drugs even more rapidly. Click here** to tell you Congressmen and women that your health freedoms are important to you and you are watching what they do carefully.
3. Click here*** to join the Citizens Petition, a legal challenge to the US policy on harmonizing with Codex standards and guidelines in preference to US regulations.
Let Me Tell You About Sally
I would like you to meet my friend, Sally. She is a fearless and tireless correspondent. When something is not right, or incorrect information comes her way, she does something about it: she uses the power of the pen (well, the computer) to tell people the health freedom side of the story. She takes the time to let people know, in her own words, what she believes in and why.

Sometimes the people she writes to dismiss what she has to say. But often they sit up, take notice of what someone they know and respect believes and begin to think about what she has socked them between the eyes with (that is her style). Here is a good example:

Sally's friend Marie wrote to her asking her to send a letter to Congress to stop Medicaid cuts in health coverage for children, seniors, low-wage workers and people living with disabilities and HIV/AIDS. While it is true that everyone should have access to good health care, and Sally realizes that this is an important issue. Nevertheless, first and foremost, Sally is a believer in health freedom and natural health options. She knows that natural health heals while pharmaceutical health frequently kills. She also knows that the way to cut costs is to use natural health options, not leave more and more people cut off from dangerous, expensive and invasive illness care.

Here is what she took the time and care to write to her friend, Marie:

"Let me tell you, Marie, that this is not the answer to America's health crisis! Instead of making conventional "cut, burn and poison" (surgery, chemo and Rx or over-the-counter drugs) more affordable, we should be spending the same amount of time, money and energy trying to educate Americans on HOW TO STAY HEALTHY! Educate them on how to eat just what nature produces----NOT what man makes. To stay away from all sugar, wheat, cow's milk, canned foods, packaged products, junk food, etc. and instead to eat organically grown produce (or to grow their own); to get sufficient exercise and sleep; to stay away from tobacco and alcohol, etc. etc. etc. We MUST stop putting fluoride and chlorine into our drinking water. They are carcinogenic and fluoride makes bones 'harder' but more friable, brittle, easier to break.

Oh, I know you are going to say, "that's an elitist attitude; we can't all afford organically grown foods!" Listen: if people stopped buying alcohol, cigarettes, canned and packaged foods and junk food or fast food,----and instead bought deep-water fish and only organically raised meat, fowl, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, they would actually SAVE money!

Furthermore, insurance costs would go down as well as medical costs and we'd have a society of people who were happier, healthier and more affluent!

This HAS to be the future of medicine, or we are all doomed. Look at today's incidence of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc. etc. Most of those diseases did not even EXIST 250 years ago! We ate the ANCIENT grains, for instance, not the hybridized modern ones that contain gluten! We ate corn, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, brown rice, teff and quinoa-----NOT wheat, spelt, kamut, rye, oats and barley, all of which contain GLUTEN which compromises the health of nearly everyone! We ate what we could grow or catch or hunt, without the help of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones.

Cow's milk is meant for calves, not for humans. We are the only species on earth that drinks the milk of another species. Can you envision a giraffe nursing off of a baboon? The calcium molecules in cow's milk are too big to be absorbed into our bones. The best sources of calcium for humans are: sea vegetables, and leafy dark green garden vegetables. Cow's milk causes ear infections in children, juvenile diabetes, mucus conditions, intestinal problems, etc. etc. We are NOT meant to drink it! (Organic goat's milk is chemically much closer to human milk, if human milk is not available for an infant, but we should ALL be weaned from milk by age 3!)

Hormonal cancers (breast, prostate, uterine, cervical, etc.) are caused by the hormones that are injected into the (non-organically raised) animals we eat. Heart disease is caused by many things including the fake fats (margarine, etc) that we consume, as well as lack of exercise and stress. Diabetes is caused primarily by diet. Osteoporosis is caused largely by the wrong kind of calcium--- and by all the sodas we drink which leach calcium from the bones. One of the main causes of auto-immune disease (lupus, MS, etc) are the antibiotics we inject into our animals and canned foods, which weaken our own immune systems. And needless to say, all the pesticides with which our produce is sprayed is carcinogenic! It goes on and on, Maria.

Yes, people died younger in the old and prehistoric days; they died from from animal attacks, tribal wars, exposure, possibly broken bones where they couldn't keep up with their tribes, later from lack of sanitation, etc. etc. They rarely died from disease until the industrial revolution!! And I think I'd rather die younger than live those extra years the way people live them today, with such a horrifying quality of life!

Marie, I am no admirer of our current government. You know that. But you think the government is the cause of the healthcare crisis in America, today? WRONG! Look at what people put in their grocery carts! You are an activist. Put your activism in the right places! You can do a lot of good and make a real difference! I am so fucking tired of a society which expects the government to take care of us, when we won't even take responsibility for our own health!

I haven't taken a single drug for 42 years! Not because I haven't been sick. I have. I have had pneumonia twice, plus the occasional cold or flu. But I used natural remedies and got well quicker and without the side-effects of drugs! I had a bad fall 3 years ago and ripped my gluteus maximus muscle and crushed the sciatic nerve. You cannot imagine the pain! I was in shock for several days. But instead of drugs, I used natural pain relief and was fine in 3 and a half weeks, instead of three doctors' predictions of: "6 to 8 weeks flat on your back and then months of physical therapy!"

Natural therapies and remedies are generally not covered by insurance. WHY, when they are much cheaper than drugs, etc.? Could it be because the pharmaceutical companies are one of the strongest and most powerful groups in America today? Yes.

A natural lifestyle works---but more important, it is the ONLY thing that works! We should be working to educate Americans and to force the insurance companies to reward that lifestyle by paying for NATURAL remedies and preventive measures--- not poisons!

Natural remedies have much better results in AIDS, Hepatitis C, Cancer, Heart disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, Auto-Immune diseases, etc. etc. than conventional medicine does.

So, go, girl! We need you and anyone else you can convince that this is the way to go.


Freedom's Most Important Voice:


This letter has a good chance of getting new ideas and information into Marie's thinking because it comes from someone she knows and listens to. In other words, Sally's letter to someone in her circle of influence is more potent than any information from a stranger on the same topic is likely to be.

What Sally did was to use her knowledge of health and healing, her personal experience and her passion for health freedom to put new ideas out for her friend to consider.

You are alert and informed about health freedom. And you have a circle of influence whom you can reach out to and who listen to you because they know and trust you.

The health freedom issue is crucial to your current and future health. Winning our health freedoms will only happen when millions and millions of people are also alert and informed -- and willing to take action -- on these issues. Your ability to reach out and share is critical to our success.

Emailing for Health Freedom

Please look for opportunities to do what Sally has done with her friend Marie: share your passion and your information and urge people to join the ranks of those who are concerned with protecting and extending their health freedom. And please invite everyone you know, on an on-going basis, to become a health freedom fighter, too.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is a global leader in accurate and timely information on natural health and health freedom. We were the first health freedom group to alert you to the grave dangers posed by the FDA's dangerous and deceptive "CAM Guideline". It was the Natural Solutions Foundation which initiated the public support campaign for Ron Paul's important Health Freedom Protection Act. We provide vital information you won't find anywhere else and we give you (and your circle of influence) action steps that matter and make a difference.

We can let you know what is happening and suggest ways to protect your health freedom. But victory lies in numbers and it is up to you to disseminate the information to your contacts so they can do the same and the circle of concern and effective action grows rapidly. It is literally true that every single voice counts!

Urge your circle of influence to visit the Natural Solutions Foundation website,, and watch the Codex Video. Let them hear from you how important it is for them to sign up for the free Health Action Alerts (our mailing lists are private, never shared, sold, rented or bartered) and become involved in making sure that their health freedoms are protected.

Your voice counts. Your entire circle of influence is waiting to hear what you have to say on these issues, even if they never thought about them before! You are an influencer whether you know it or not!

Thanks for taking the time to meet Sally. She's a freedom fighter. You can be one, too!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

PS: If the links do not work by clicking on them or cutting and pasting, send me an email at with "SUBMIT-YOUR TURN" as the subject line and your name and address in the body of the email and we will submit comments on HR 2117 and HR 1561 for you.  REL


** Oppose/amend HR 1561:
*** Join Citizens Petition:

Help Us Stop Codex!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Win-Win for Health Freedom

June 18, 2007




A few days ago someone found my "mute button". That may be good news for some, but having laryngitis is not a whole lot of fun. I could not make a sound above a whisper and had a hacking, painful cough to boot. I was out of the natural treatments I depend upon and was pretty miserable.


The Magic of Magnets Up Close and Personal


At that point, serendipity brought me a gift. My friend, Peter Kulish, head of the
the Foundation for Magnetic Science, had sent me a BioMagnet Wellness Pack which arrived right then!

Here's the letter I wrote to him two days later:

Dear Peter:

I had been suffering from profound laryngitis and a hacking, paroxysmal cough which disturbed my sleep and left me unable to breath 12 to 15 times per hour for about 4 days. Nothing seemed to help the symptoms or the distress despite mega doses of vitamins, herbs, etc.

When my Bio Mag Wellness Kit arrived, I put two of the smallest magnets in a Power Stack (2 magnets, green side toward my skin) over my sternum. Within 15 minutes the coughing was virtually gone and my voice had returned. I went to bed without the magnets and was up most of the night with the same hacking, breathless coughing and my voice was absent once again in the morning.

I got up and put the magnets back on my sternum: the same almost magical relief took place in the same short time. But when I showered and got dressed again, forgetting the magnets (since I am not used to using them), the cough and laryngitis started plaguing me once again. Remembering the Power Stack, I cliped them to my clothes and, as if by the magic of magnetic treatment, my cough was gone and my voice came back.

I am still hoarse but I can be heard over the phone and my voice is getting stronger by the hour. Unless I take the magnets off, my symptoms have gone from disabling to minor and resolving. These two days have taught m

These two days have taught me the astonishing power of magnets in a highly personal way. Since I am never (well, hardly ever!) sick or in pain, I have not had the opportunity to experience the power of magnet therapy personally. Now I have and I am deeply impressed by the technology.

Thanks for the magnets and thanks for the lesson,

Dr. Rima


Win-Win Becomes Heal-Heal

Peter is a far-sighted natural health leader with decades of research and involvement in the science and application of magnets.  He understands that health freedom is vitally important to us all and has made an offer that turns win-win into heal-heal.

The Foundation for Magnetic Sciences has pledged to donate $10 to the Natural Solutions Foundation for Each Wellness Kit sale generated through this emailing.

Just go to

and click on the special link (
that says "Bio Magnets for Health, Pain Relief and Vitality" to order your Wellness Kit and learn more about magnets and healing.

The remarkable Wellness Kit contains all the magnets necessary for both simple and advanced
therapies developed by the Foundation for Magnetic Sciences for increased vitality or painful aches, sprains or acute or chronic conditions. My recent experience makes it clear that everyone should have a Bio Mag Wellness Kit in their medicine cabinet for any emergencies that arise.

Please give the Foundation's message your close attention. It is clear to me that the proper use of magnets can have remarkable benefits for your health and well-being. Because of Peter's involvement with health freedom, you can purchase exceptional magnets at an exceptional price AND support the Natural Solutions Foundation at the same time.


What's on the Health Freedom Docket Right Now? 


 Right now there are two really important legislative actions I am asking you to take:


Support HR 2117 *

Congressman Ron Paul, MD (R TX) has introduced a very important piece of legislation called the Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117. This act protects your right to know the truth about the positive effects natural products can have for you.  The FDA currently restricts truthful information (Called "health claims") to "structure function claims".  This means that you are not permitted to hear what scientists or clinical experience have to say about a supplement. Imagine the drug companies not being permitted to tell you what their products could do for you?  Do you think they would stand still for that?  Well, the FDA applies a totally biased standard to health claims BASED IN SCIENCE to supplements. Dr. Paul says this is unfair and violates your health freedom.  Please take a moment to go to the special page* set up to allow you to send your comments and ask your Congressman to become a co-sponsor of this important pro-health freedom legislation.


Oppose HR 1561 ** 


The dangerous "FDA Revitalization Bil",  passed by the Senate as S. 1082 gives the FDA even more powers than it has now, brings it into an even tighter incestuous relationship with the drug indstry, makes it more dependant and "User Fees" paid by the drug companies for its operating budget, dilutes and diminishes safety controls (lax enough now to allow approved drugs, used as directed, to account for the majority of deaths in the US) and actually creates a tax-payer funded private drug company out of the FDA. This means that not only are natural health approaches direct (and successful) competitors to the FDA's clients, Big Pharma, but they become direct competitors to the drugs that the FDA itself will license and sell.


The sister legislation is now in th House of Representatives.  HR 1561 MUST be amended to protect food and dietary supplements and to include the language of the Health Freedom Protection Bill, HR 2117.   Please go to the action page ** which allows you to tell you Congressmen and women how strongly you feel about this issue.


Next Up, Codex in Rome


In a few days the Natural Solutions Foundation will be heading off to Rome to attend the Codex Alimentarius Commission meeting there (June 2-7, 2007).  As always, we will be writing daily blogs about the proceedings there, both good and bad.  And, as always, the financial cost of getting there and doing our pro-health freedom coalition building there is considerable.  Now would be a wonderful time to make a generous tax exempt donation (

Recurring monthly donations are particularly helpful since they let us plan for next month and the month after that, etc.  Believe it or not, as little as $10 a month from each person reading this email would be a huge help. Of course, larger amounts are greatly appreciated, too!


Health freedom is not protected by just one action.  We all need to be vigilant and active in a lot of areas. You know that you can count on the Natural Solutions Foundation to keep you updated and give you the news and action steps you need to keep health freedom free!


Thanks for your involvement and support. Remember, spreading the word to everyone you know and asking them to get involved, too, is a huge part of what will allow us to win this struggle.


Yours in health and freedom,

Rima Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

The Foundation for Magnetic Science ( and represent almost three decades of research and development of the use of specific magnetic fields used in specialized
circuits with dramatic results in acute and chronic conditions.

The Foundation offers specific therapies for over 170 health conditions and maintains active research with the public on all health issues.

The Foundation teaches proper placement for increasing the cell's electromotive vitality (Zeta potential) resulting in such issues as:

 1. After 25 years of chronic illness, healing re-started (nutritional transfer efficiency) within an hour of CVS therapy - now playing competitive tennis

2. 50-year old woman waking from a terminal coma using the advanced Meridian Energizing Therapy

3. Acute pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, insomnia resolved with BioMagnets

4. Regeneration of nerves, tendons, muscles in knee to get feeling and motion back

5. 22-year Arthritic knee resolved

6. Extremely painful TMJ/Lockedjaw resolved

7. See testimonials offers white papers [and FAQs] giving simple scientific explanations about the proper applications and what must be addressed to support advanced healing and what should not be done to prevent harm (electromotive stress).


Did you know that one side of the limb is positive and the other is negative?

Did you know that each hemisphere (right-left side) is the opposite polarity?

Did you know that the same magnetic polarity must be placed on the proper limb polarity and if not - it often causes pain, but when applied correctly, it supports rapid healing.


You can review are before and after case study research:

1. Cellular photo microscopy

2. Cellular voltage testing with FDA certified BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) instrument

3. Before and after neutralization of free-radical oxidative sites showing healing and immediate reduction of inflammation.

Learn why BiomagScience from the Foundation for Magnetic Science is used and taught by practitioners worldwide.

In reviewing the results from the various advanced therapies - Meridian Energy, Overnight MET, Daytime, Nightime, CVS, Organ Group Energizing Therapy, it is realized that a carefully designed regimen of using the correct fields in the proper placement to naturally amplify the body's natural energy flows
substantially supports pain relief and re-constructive regeneration of all tissue.
> Respectfully submitted by:
> Peter Kulish, Senior Science Adviser
> Foundation for Magnetic Science

BUY ADVANCED BiomagScience PRODUCTS for vitality and Pain relief-

 BECOME A BIOMAG AFFILIATE - Earn 25% Commissions and Overrides! Just click and go to the affiliate sign up link toward the bottom of the left hand menu.

Disclaimer: The use of magnetism or any of the products offered herein are intended as therapy to benefit normal structure and function and such use is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor intended for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not intended to support or sustain human life, or to prevent  impairment of human health; for self-education and research purposes only. Testimonial results are not typical.

*Support HR 2117:

** Oppose HR 1561:

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Art of Freedom Part 3: Supply

Natural Solutions Foundation

JUNE 3, 2007






The Art of Freedom

Part 3

Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III

(US Army, Ret.)


Natural Solutions Foundation



In Parts One and Two of the Art of Freedom we discussed "Objective" and "Offense".

The next Principle of War is "Supply". An army must have equipment, weapons, ammunition, food for the troops, communications, petrol for the vehicles, tactical medical facilities and an endless list of other requirements needed to conduct military operations. The list goes on and on: just when you believe you have thought of everything, you remember the night vision goggles!

In Part 2 we discussed the German invasion of Western Europe where the German forces went on the Offense, bypassed the French Maginot Line and captured France in 34 days. An interesting aspect of the invasion gets overshadowed by the quick and decisive victory by the German army. As the Germans advanced, the Allied forces retreated of necessity. The Allies, however, had a huge problem. There was only a limited amount of land in Western Europe to retreat into before the Allies had the English Channel to contend with back in 1940.

The German "Offense" drove steadily West. The Allied forces defended as they retreated. In this situation Sun Tzu says "To retreat so that one cannot be stopped, go so far that one cannot be reached" Unfortunately, they ultimately had their backs to the Channel at Dunkirk and they faced an overwhelming German army to the east with the English Channel to the west. Suddenly, fate intervened. The Germans halted their advance for no apparent reason.

As it turned out, the order to halt the advance came directly from Hitler. He had been closely monitoring the progress of his forces. At the same time he was watching the attrition of his prized German Panzer (tank) forces, the major strength of the German assault. Hitler believed the number of tank loses was unacceptably high. Consequentially, against all advice from his General Staff, he ordered a halt to the very successful assault his troops were making on the retreating Allied forces.

What Hitler did not know or understand about his own system was a crucial "Supply" fact. The reports regarding the attrition of his panzers were true ...BUT... the German "Supply" system was working overtime to bring forward new repair parts as well as scavenging parts from tanks damaged beyond repair. The Panzer force was in fact good enough shape to complete the attack on Dunkirk. Hitler somehow missed this vital "Supply" data bit ...OR ... he refused to believe his own General Staff. In any event, the Panzer delay allowed the trapped Allied forces to escape over the beaches of Dunkirk to fight another day; and he (Hitler) "suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"

In Part 2 we also mentioned castles as an example of hunkering down in a defensive mode. Think about "Supply". Once inside the walls, the door shut and barricaded, and the siege initiated, your supply line was severed. What you had inside was all you had until either the siege was lifted or you surrendered. Each castle maintained provisions for the rainy day of a siege. The question, however, was always how many rainy days can the system last? Think for a moment about the necessities: food (human & animal), water, fire materials (cooking & defense of the castle) and arrows to mention just a few. The castle was a haven until the supplies ran low. Then it became a prison. ".

Speaking of castles, I remember vividly a particular maneuver/exercise when I was a young Second Lieutenant in the Army of Occupation in Germany after World War II. First, we crossed the Rhine River at night under blackout conditions over a pontoon bridge. Sounds easy doesn't it? Try it in a tank without lights. After crossing the Rhine we moved into the Taunus Mountains northwest of Wiesbaden where we loggered (i.e., encamped) for what was left of the night. In the morning, we had some extra time as we went through the preparations for the balance of our long road march to the designated operational area. During this process, one of my Sergeants said that I must come with him to the castle nearby. I was busy. He would not tell me why. I resisted. He insisted. I went because I trusted him. The castle was similar to other castles that I had been through, except, one room was filled to bursting with Nazi flags, banners and other Nazi paraphernalia. Remember, this was during the period of the German occupation. Nazi Germany had been defeated. Hitler was dead. What were these forbidden Nazi items doing in this castle? I never found out. However, we hot footed it back to our logger area and reported our findings to my commander and to the unit counterintelligence agent for action. I presume an investigation took place. I, however, still have fantasies of wild Nazi gatherings in that castle where Hitler's henchmen and "goose-steppers" held rallies or parties or even worse initiated the planning for the new Fourth or Fifth or Sixth Reich. Were the Nazi paraphernalia that my Sergeant and I saw that day only a portion of the "Supplies" in the castle leading to a new Nazi system? We will never know. But then, who would have guessed the truth of the birth of CODEX with its' origins deep in the Nazi genocide. Who could have guessed the pharmaceutical control of everything that goes into your mouth except drugs? Did the Nazi "ubermenchen" wrap themselves in these Nazi flags and then create Codex? )

On this same maneuver, as we were moving out from our night logger area my Commander casually informed me that I was to take my tank platoon and report to an Armored Infantry unit as their direct support. He gave me the coordinates of the unit and told me to move out ASAP because they were waiting for my arrival now! Suddenly I was on my own.


As I separated myself and my platoon from my own familiar operating surroundings for the first time in my new military career, I had a deep, sinking feeling in my belly. As soon as I joined my new unit, we moved out on the next phase of the maneuver. We spent most of the day on a long tactical road march then set up a defensive perimeter and prepared for an assault on the "enemy" the next day. (We were in the Cold War at the time and were constantly on maneuvers.)

While our defensive positions were being established, I did what every tanker knew he had to do: I made sure a guide went down to the main road to lead the fuel truck to each of my tanks and "top off" as a first priority. I ate some "C" rations (military tinned foods) and bedded down for the night.

We received our attack plan bright and early the next morning and were ordered to stand by on alert for the order to move out and execute the plan. At that moment, one of the Armored Infantry Platoon Leaders of the unit I was supporting hesitantly informed his Company Commander that he could not execute the battle plan because his APCs (Armored Personnel Carrier) were out of gas. The Commander turned livid and wanted to know why his unit was out of gas? The answer stopped everyone cold: "because Lt. Stubblebine's tanks (my tanks) used up all of the gas, Sir!" The Commander turned to me in a rage. With a look that could kill and send me to Hell he asked if it were true that I had used all the gas. I didn't know if I used it all. But I did know that I topped off my tanks.


All I did was follow normal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure, a procedure drilled so deeply into every tanker they can responded even in their sleep and get their tanks topped off). He glared at me with that same killing look then asked "How much gas do your tanks use, Lieutenant?? Again my answer was simple: "Five (5) to six (6) gallons of gas per mile, Sir." (Armored Infantry APCs used about one (1) gallon per mile.) I had followed procedures to a "Tee" for topping off my tanks, but in doing so had created a logistical nightmare for the Armored Infantry guys since they had overlooked the necessary additional petrol requirements of having our tanks with them. They simply forgot to ask for the supplies (the petrol) they needed for their mission.

When the Commander realized my 5:1 gas consumption ratio and the impact that it made on the ability of his unit to perform, he was beside himself. He took off his steel helmet and threw it with all his might onto the ground. As it happened, we were standing on a hillock waiting for our marching orders. When the helmet hit the ground it bounced off of a rock and went rolling down the hill where it got totally lost in the bushes.

In hind sight (the most exact of the sciences) it was a comical moment and it was pretty hard to stifle my laughter.

The experience, however, lives with me every day of my life, because every day's mission has a Supply component. That was true back then as a young (still wet behind the ears) Lieutenant, was true all during my 32 years in the Service and remains true today as the President of the Natural Solutions Foundation.

"Supply" can not be an after-thought. "Supply" permeates every aspect of day-to-day living whether it comes in the form of food for the table, gas for the car (I hope your car gets better mileage than my tanks did), the necessities to pack for the next trip, the clothes for the kids, or the batteries for the cell phone.

In the first part of The Art of Freedom I quoted an important tenant of Sun Tzu by which a commander evaluates the opposing army and its leadership. (So he can evaluate his own chances for victory).

Sun Tzu said such an evaluation of the chances for victory looks at these factors:

1) Moral Law - which means that the people are in complete accord with their ruler, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives.

2) Heaven - which signifies night and day, cold and heat, times and the seasons.

3) Earth - which refers to distances; both the great and small, danger and security, open ground and narrow passes and the chance of life and death.

4) Commander - who embodies the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage and strictness.

5) Methods and Discipline - which includes the marshaling of the army in its proper subdivisions, the graduations of rank among the officers, the maintenance of roads by which supplies may reach the army, and the control of military expenditure.

Consider again Hitler's mistaken decision about the real status of his panzers (tanks). Either; at best, he underestimated the capability of his own "Supply" lines or; at worst; he totally disregarded his Generals' advice. It is clear that this grand Faux Pas allowed the resupply and revitalization of the force that eventually defeated Hitler and changed the course of World War II.

Part 2 of The Art of Freedom focused on "Offensive". Gen. Mac Arthur's most unlikely offensive assault across the beaches of Inchon during the Korean War turned that conflict into a victory for the US, rather than the horrible route which was about to occur. His brilliant offensive maneuver ultimately relieved the pressure on the Pusan perimeter in southern Korea and changed history.

One of the major impacts of Mac Arthur's assault at Inchon was that it threatened the entire North Korean Supply line for all of the forces facing the Pusan Perimeter. Without their Supply lines, the North Koreans had no bullets, no mortar rounds, no artillery weapons or ammo, no medical supplies for the wounded, no food, no shoes, nothing. In other words, the entire North Korean force south of Seoul was put in serious jeopardy. Mac Arthur created the same situation as an army laying siege to a castle: no supplies equals eventual defeat.

How does the military concept of supply related to the multiple, deliberate attacks on our/your health and Health Freedoms?

The Natural Solutions Foundation needs $upplies. Remember, the other side has all the money it needs and a great deal more to fight this battle. Our side depends on your commitment to supply the battle as much as it depends our our commitment to fight it.


Money to fight this battle is a critical Supply. It is that simple. For instance, there are at six major Codex meetings that we need to prepare for and attend each year. it takes us months to prepare our positions, materials, etc. It costs money to get to the meeting, stay there, provide materials to the Delegates, etc.

These meetings are held in Italy or Switzerland (in alternating years), Canada, Germany, Ghana or Oslo (depending on the year), China and Japan. There are other very important meetings we need to attend, also, but currently lack the resources (people, time, money) to do so.



Many of our loyal supporters have been magnificent with their donations, their skills and their time. Without this support from the heart we would have had to pack in the health freedom fight a long time ago.




Your support keeps the engine running and fuels the tanks. It maintains the momentum to allow us victories like the ones we have already achieved. (Think about our success last November in preventing approval for fluoride in baby formulas!)

Here is the next critical Supply requirement: a major aspect of our carefully deigned Codex strategy focuses on building a cohesive coalition of the developing countries which value health more than globalization's profits for multinational interests. I'm sure you recall the astonishing declaration of the real purpose of Codex during a blistering attack by Dr. Rolf Grossklaus at the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU) 2005 meeting in Bonn, Germany.



In the middle of South Africa's carefully researched presentation on nutritional levels necessary to achieve optimum health, Dr. Grossklaus abruptly and savagely cut her off. He declared "Optimum Health! It would be nice if Codex were about health but it is not." "CODEX", said the Chairman of the important CCNFSDU, "is not about HEALTH. CODEX is about TRADE."


There you have it, from one end of the horse or the other.

The Natural Solutions Foundation is putting HEALTH back into the equation. The powerful health-hostile forces clearly do not want HEALTH any where in the process. One of their parliamentary tactics within Codex is to move any discussion that could possibly include HEALTH from early agenda placement to the last agenda item of the meeting. Of course, you know what happens: time for discussion runs out. The simultaneous translators must leave and HEALTH takes another back seat journey to "no- wheres-ville".

However, this year the hard work and careful cultivation of trusting relationships with selected delegates has paid off with a golden opportunity to organize a pre CAC (Codex Alimentrarius Commission) meeting with enough developing countries to shift the Codex fulcrum and make a difference in the outcome of the Codex process.

Timing is the critical element. Codex convenes its large annual meeting in just one month (on July 2, 2007). Preparations for the crucial regional pre-meeting with all members of the large pro-health must happen NOW. The national delegates who will attend Codex in this bloc come from countries whose governments do not provide funding for Codex participation on their behalf. We must provide it if they are to be there.

If this novel, and critically important strategy is to be executed, if the turning movement is to be be put into play, the Natural Solutions Foundation must have critical Supplies and have them now. Without that, the ready and willing pro-health bloc cannot devise their strategy and form an effective coalition inside the Codex meeting. They will may well not be able to physically even get to the Codex meeting even though their countries are recognized in the Codex process.

Although they are prepared to speak as one, if they are not part of the strategic planning beforehand, and if they cannot, in fact, even get to Codex, we will lose their voices. Small or large, each country can demand to be heard in Codex. Usually they do not support each other well enough to make their voices heard. Our coalition is prepared to change that - if the Natural Solutions Foundation has enough supplies to provision the army, train it and get it where it needs to go.

This is a first in Codex. Some say that Codex cannot be changed from within. They are wrong. THEY could not change it from within. The nations participating in Codex can, though.

And the opportunity is extraordinarily important in the eventual outcome of Codex. We need $200,000 to bring this off and we need it now. If you are part of the Health Freedom battle, provide these supplies now.



The troops are waiting to assemble.


Your health and health freedom (and that of everyone else on the planet) needs vigorous, committed and fearless voices changing the outcome of Codex. Our health friendly national delegates need to be part of a regional strategy session BEFORE the Codex Alimentrarius Commission (CAC) in Rome next month. They also need to be able to get to Rome. That's all part of the supplies we are asking for.

Money is the only thing in short supply. With the Supplies we can provide the people and services necessary to accomplish the goal. The battle plan exists. The troops are prepared to assemble. The transportation to move the troops to the battle zone exists, but must be organized, arranged and paid for. The Supply line is operational, but needs to be secured against interdiction. The stakes are high and the clock is ticking down to "Zero" hour.

A thought, however. The Natural Solutions Foundation has hundreds of thousands of active supporters. If every one pledges as little as $10/month (tax exempt, of course) NOW we would have the supplies to take the health freedom war to a totally different level. Take this vital action now and we will have the Supplies to insure an effective strategic pre-meeting and the absolutely essential sponsorship of pro-health national delegates. We could make sure all of the pro-health delegates, well-trained and activated, ready to speak for Health and Health Freedom with their loud and fearless voices are in Rome next month.

We could initiate the orchestration of health aspects into the Codex deliberations. We could let health freedom ring on a global basis.

The opportunity exists now. Napoleon Bonaparte was right on when he said: "Space I can recover. Time, never". Hitler waited and lost. Health freedom needs the critical Supplies to seize this exceptional opportunity. The time is now.

Click here to make your tax deductible donation of $upplies and build a pro-health coalition to shift the balance of Codex from trade toward Health.

Thank you for your past, present and future support. Your activism, commitment and participation CAN shift the fulcrum under the Codex lever and provide the leverage needed to Win the Health Freedom War Without Fighting!!!



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