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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Taking the Candidates' Health Freedom Pulse

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trying to Keep a Good Man Down

September 30, 2007






Health Freedom is a "Participatory Sport"

You're Up!

Fifteen people (or so) want to be the next President of the United States. Where do they stand on the Health Freedom questions that will protect - or destroy - your access to natural health options?


Let's Find Out!

The Health Freedom Constituency is growing by leaps and bounds. In the last few days, you have sent an astonishing 293,039 emails to the Texas State Legislature and Texas Medical Board letting them know how deeply concerned we are about their attack on good docs (like Bill Rea) who practice good medicine for their patients! A couple of months ago, more than 588,000 folks decided the FDA needed to hear from them protesting their dangerous CAM guidance.

Can You Hear the Health Freedom Debate?

Why Not?

Have you noticed that our deep concern over Health Freedom issues is not mirrored in the national debate? Only one candidate, Ron Paul, even has a Health Freedom plank in the campaign platform! Where are the rest of the candidates on these vital issues? It's time to hold the Presidential candidates' collective feet to the fire and bring our issue, Health Freedom, to the forefront of the national debate during this 2008 Presidential campaign.

Just where do the candidates stand on, for example,

  • Compulsory vaccination
  • Taking children away from parents who do not want them medicated with dangerous or lethal medications
  • Your right to use bio-identical hormones instead of synthetic ones
  • "HARMonizing" with Codex, the European Union and other international bodies and agencies in preference to US regulation and law
  • Enforcing the 1998 Anti-Harmonization law (19 USC 3512) protecting dietary supplements which the FDA is apparently bent on ignoring
  • Retracting the Executive Orders merging the US, Canada and Mexico in the "North American Union" and merging the FDA and its Canadian and Mexican counterparts via the already-operating "Trilateral Cooperation Charter"
  • Divesting the FDA of its food regulation responsibilities since it is allowing the food supply to be irresponsibly and dangerously degraded
If We Don't Ask, They Won't Tell
The reality is that if one of us asks the Health Freedom questions, there is little likelihood that we will be heard. But if hundreds of thousands of us reach out to the candidates' campaign headquarters and roar out our questions, we can bring our concerns into the mainstream spotlight. We need to create a "Virtual Town Hall Meeting" in which we ask our questions so persistently, and with such a loud collective voice, that either the candidates answer our questions or their lack of response becomes their answer.
As a reader of these Health Freedom Alerts, you are aware of the unprecedented series of attacks on nutrients and natural remedies orchestrated by the FDA and its friends in Congress and international agencies like Codex and the North American Union.
Not only is the FDA attacking wholesome nutrition, it continues to promote unwholesome foods -- genetically modified, toxified, irradiated "Franken-food." And it fails to protect the safety of the food supply while it fails to protect the public from harmful pharmaceutical medications that kill hundreds of thousands a year. How does the person who may be our next President stand on these vital health care and health freedom issues? Will he -- or she -- support policies that may protect your health from real threats like dangerous drugs and corporate degradation of your food and environment? If we don't ask we will never know, until, perhaps, it is too late.
Ready, Set, FAX!
Here's your part:
1. Click here ( to send a fax asking these questions to every Presidential Candidate. Once the answers are in, we will create a Health Freedom Score Card (c) to publicize the results at the national level with press releases, interviews, etc. Maybe we'll even be able to hold a Health Freedom Presidential Debate! That depends on how vigorous the fax flow is, which takes us to
2. Forward this email to every single person, supplier and contact you know and ask them to do the same. Add something like the following to the top of your email to your list:
" I am forwarding this email to you and asking
you to do the same thing -forward it to your entire list- because of the unique opportunity that we have right now to shine the spotlight of public awareness on a hidden danger. Right now, powerful forces are threatening your right to chose natural health options if you want to. Children are being taken away from parents who do not want them drugged with powerful and dangerous drugs. US laws protecting our health freedoms are ignored by industry friendly regulators giving preference to international agreements that degrade our food and our freedoms.
In this campaign season, only one of the Presidential candidates has taken a positions on safeguarding our health freedoms. All of them will be forced to do so if enough people take a moment to ask a set of critically important Health Freedom questions of them and demand that they answer them.

Please take a moment to read this email and send a fax asking the Health Freedom questions to the Presidential Candidates. Then send this email on to your list to generate the public pressure necessary to reverse the loss of our freedoms.

Thanks for your help! For more information, go to and sign up for their free Health Freedom Alerts."

"Freedom Is Not Free"

Never Has Been, Never Will Be

Every fax we send costs us additional money compared to an email. That is why we ask for your tax deductible donations to help us sustain our ability to communicate using whatever means is necessary. When the FDA shut off email communication on its Health Claims Guidance recently (probably because the Natural Solutions Foundation was so effective in our email campaign on the CAM Guidance right before that one) we had two choices: allow the FDA's change in email policy to muzzle us or find another way of getting our voices heard. Despite the financial burden to us, we chose to give your voice a way to ring out.

Since Presidential candidates almost all use web forms (which cut down the number of people communicating drastically) instead of email, we cannot use our customary email system to ask them our questions in the hundreds of thousands. But they do have faxes. So we'll fax them our questions. To do that, however, we need your help: please give as generous a donation as you can to help defray the cost of the health freedom campaign.

Donations of any size are welcome. In order to fund the full length DVD "Murder by the Numbers: the Codex Agenda" any round number donation of $100 or more (e.g., $200, $500, $1000, etc.) will be counted toward the film fund and you will be thanked publicly for your support in the final version of "Murder by the Numbers"! If you would like all of your donation of $100 or more to go to the support of the Natural Solutions Foundation, make sure it is not a round number!

A Final Thought

I received this in an email today and thought it was worth sharing because it asks yet another important Health Freedom question:

The Cycle By Which
Civilizations and Individuals Rise and Fall
-From Bondage comes Spiritual Faith
-From Spiritual Faith comes Courage
-From Courage comes Liberty
-From Liberty comes Abundance
-From Abundance comes Complacency
-From Complacency comes Apathy
-From Apathy comes Dependency
-From Dependency comes Bondage
Now Ask Yourself This Question.

Where, As A Nation, Are WE?

That's why we ALL need to get involved, ask these questions, and get answers.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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Ask Presidential Candidates
Tough Health Freedom Questions,
Demand Answers!


Urge Congress to support
Health Freedom Protection Act

H. R. 2117

Tax deductible donations help cover
the cost of faxing & our Health
Freedom campaign

Tell Texas Medical Board to
Leave Good Docs Alone!

Order Revised and Update
"Nutricide: the DVD"


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Health Freedom v Health Tyranny






Recently I shared with you an atrocious situation in California in which a mother and her 17 year old son are being abused and threatened by the State's demand that he receive the "standard treatment" for malignant melanoma - surgery and chemotherapy - DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE IS NOW CANCER FREE!

Supply and Demand - Medical

Fascism Style

Economics is about supply and demand. Make no mistake about it: Medical Fascism is about economics. Since the State (in this case, California) believes that it owns your body (or your child's) it can decide what happens to it over your objections and at your cost and, perhaps, at the cost of your life. In doing so, it is protecting the illness care industry from the threat which the health care presents, and doing so ruthlessly. Nothing new there!

In supply and demand terms, this invasion of your person and your rights is intended to shut down what economists call "the demand side".

The supply side is under attack, too. Doctors who practice natural medicine are subjected to medical fascism. The Medical Fascists attack the liciense, reputation, resources and skill of the practitioners we trust. And, with the determined help of the US regulatory bodies like the FDA and Codex, they are carefully eliminating the substances and practices you and I seek out for natural treatments.

Case in Point

William (Bill) Rea, MD, is my friend. He is also a brilliant and innovative doctor, a scholar, an exceptional and generous teacher and the undisputed dean of Environmental Medicine. Patients come to his Environmental Health Centers from around the world because they are desperate, dying or distressed.

Using his ever-expanding and truly astonishing knowledge and his gift for fearless, out-of-the-box diagnostic skills, coupled with his vast clinical experience, Bill Rea gives the environmentally ill a chance of being radiantly well. Naturally.

So, naturally, the Texas Medical Board wants to put him out of business. Again. This is not the first time they have attacked him.

This time, on the basis of "three anonymous complaints" involving 5 patients (all of whom are still under Dr. Rea's care and have written to the Texas Medical Board to say that they are very happy with Dr. Rea's care and that they are doing very well) the Texas Medical Board wants to take away Dr. Rea's license to practice medicine.




Last time I looked, the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States said that we have certain rights which were inalienable, not granted - or taken away - by the Texas Medical Board. These rights include the right to confront our accuser, the right to see the evidence against us and the right to a review by our peers.* Apparently the Texas Medical Board operates, as do most Medical Boards in the US, under a different set of rules.

Based on secret "evidence" provided by an "anonymous accuser" and supported by an anonymous reviewer (not a peer, since he is unfamiliar with Environmental Medicine), the Texas Medical Board is trying to control the supply side of natural medicine. Dr. Rea's patients have written to the Board saying that they are not only happy with his care, they are still being treated by him and, in two cases, credit Dr. Rea with saving their lives. I have been in Dr. Rea's clinic to learn Environmental Medicine from him and to watch a master healer at work. I know that many of his patients are, in fact, alive today because of his superb skills. And, indeed, that is exactly the point. These people have stepped outside the drug based treatment box and Dr. Rea has helped them to do it. Therefore, Dr. Rea is a danger to the drug industry and, more importantly, to the entire illness care industry. Whether he is also a danger to an underlying design of phamaceutally-assisted genocide is another question.

The last time I raised this issue, our website was instantly attacked. Let's see if it happens again! Clearly the game of the illness-care industry is to make sure that as many people as possible are dependant upon it for as long as possible. That's where the contamination and degradation of food through Codex and US government regulatory actions comes in: healthy people are awful patients for the illness-care industry.

Follow the Money

But part of the picture, too, is to make sure that people in need of care, or trying to avoid needing care, have no options except those of drugs, radiation and surgery to meet their health needs. Doctors like Bill Rea, and the other great docs under attack around the US, and healers who are not doctors but are being attacked for "practicing medicine without a license" are being driven off the supply side of the street by these organized and vicious attacks. We, as health consumers and health freedom advocates, MUST NOT let that happen.

Click here ( to read Dr. Rea's letter to his patients. And then, whether you live in Texas or not, click here ( to tell the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Legislators that you support health freedom, and the right to consult with - or BE - a good doctor.

Natural Health Rights

No matter where you live in the US (or elsewhere), you must have the right to consult doctors who practice medicine the way you want to be treated. You must have the right to have complete privacy in your relationship with your doctor and your doctor must have the right to practice medicine without fear of secret accusations from unidentified parties which can destroy his/her career and ruin his/her reputation. It's quite simple, really. In the US, your doctor and you need to be protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Health Freedom At the National Level

Protecting our doctors and health practitioners (the supply side of the equation), is intimately connected with the demand side of the equation. When consumers (and health care practitioners) cannot find out what the benefits of health care products are - which is what the FDA's Guidance on Health Claims (and the closely related, FDA-driven Codex Health Claims text) is about, then we cannot make informed health decisions. That's why it is so important to protect your right to learn what nutrients can do for you: Click here ( to urge your Congressional members to support Ron Paul's "Health Freedom Protection Act", HR 2117, so the FDA cannot suppress valid, scientifically supported facts about supplements benefits.

Now that the public comment period has ended on the recent FDA Health Claims Guidance, the threat actually gets greater as the FDA prepares to issue its "Final Rule" on the Guidance. Only Congressional oversight, driven by public demand - yours - and legislation can bring the out-of-control FDA back under control.

FDA Running Amok

We need Congressional oversight of this run-away organization AND we need to separate food regulation from drug regulation! That's the idea that the Natural Solutions Foundation has been sharing with the members of the FDA's Congressional Oversight Committee Congressional offices during our visits to them. We'll bring that idea back around next month when the Natural Solutions Foundation goes back to Washington for another round of Congressional meetings. If you would like to join the Natural Solutions Congressional Education team, let me know. Drop me a line at and put "Congressional Education" in the subject line.

Your emails to Congress and faxes to the FDA (which now officially longer accepts emails, probably because of our 200,000+ emails to them!) are ringing the Health Freedom Bell - and making quite a clanging in the halls of Washington.

In fact, without that public opinion chorus, Congress can't hear us at all! But when you keep ringing that freedom bell, riding the "freedom mouse" and singing that freedom song they cannot ignore us. Click here ( to make sure that we get the attention we deserve on this issue!

So Many Issues, So Little Time!

You know the feeling: issues to the right of us, issues to the left of us, an avalanche of issues. Every one of them deserves time, focus, understanding, funding, letters, petitions, etc. It's enough to wear a body down. And, in fact, that is just what the other side is counting on. It's just like insurance claims: the more times they get turned down, the more people stop submitting them so, even if they are valid, the insurance company has created a fatigue factor that saves it money. Persistence is required, and the determination NOT to be deprived of your rights just because the other side is counting on your eventual fatigue.

The parallel is striking. Yes, there are a lot of issues. Yes, this one requires persistence because we are in for the long haul or we are out of the game. But, as we see it here at the Natural Solutions Foundation, the stakes in this game are life, death and liberty. That's worth staying on point for, as I know you agree.

And it's worth being persistent for. I don't remember Jefferson, Gandhi or Dr. King giving up because the other side kept coming at them. In fact, they, and we, take it as a sign that we are on the right path, just as we take the direct attacks by the Chairman of Codex, and the armed guard "special reception" we got at the last Codex meeting in July that we are on the right track.

Help us stay the course. Keep on emailing, circulating these Health Freedom Alerts, donating, holding community events to share this information and, most important, keep on keeping on. Health Freedom's worth it!


"Murder by the Numbers: the Codex Agenda"

The Natural Solutions Foundation is working with powerful documentary makers to tell the real story behind Codex and what it means for all of us - world-wide preventable illness and death through a degraded and deadly food supply. You can see how Codex got there by viewing the new, updated version of "Nutricide: the DVD". And now, we want to tell the rest of the story to the widest audience possible.

We discovered that this story is so hot - and so big - that our first film maker could not handle it! That's pretty hot! Instead, we are working out the final details with some outstanding professional documentary makers who can handle the professional demands and the topic. More on that to follow.

In the meantime, we continue to need your help. Donate $100 or more and we will publicly thank you with an acknowledgment in the documentary. 25 people have already made that commitment. To fund this project fully we need 125 more folks to commit a minimum of $100 each. Are you ready to do that? Click here ( to make this documentary happen. Or, if you can give more, set up a matching grant: let me know that you will match donations of a certain amount and we will tell people about your dedication and generosity. Send an email to with "Matching Grant" as the subject and we'll get it done!

Of course, we depend on your donations for our continued health freedom work. Click here ( keep us moving forward. All donations are tax deductible. Won't you please consider a recurring donation (

If you indicate on our secure donation site that you want to support the Natural Solutions Foundation with a gift every month, it will be deducted from your credit card and you will receive a confirmation for your tax records each month as well.

Recurring donations help us budget our expenses, buy tickets in advance to save money, etc. Thanks in advance for your continuing support!



Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima R. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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Tell Texas Medical Board to
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you don't live in Texas


Support Health Freedom Protection Act H. R. 2117

Donate $100 or more: become
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"Murder by the Numbers: the Codex Agenda"





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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quick and Critical

September 17, 2007


SEPTEMBER 19, 2007





Send This to Everyone You Know

Who Does!


You are invited to participate in an extremely important event on SEPTEMBER 19 in Fairfield, New Jersey at 7PM.

Dr. Laibow, Gen. Stubblebine III, Ralph Fucetola (the Vitamin Lawyer), and Prof. Murray Sabrin (spokesperson for Presidential candidate and US Congressman Ron Paul) along with a spokesperson for Dennis Kucinich will be the speakers at the Health Freedom vs. Health Tyranny conference.

Health freedom must be included in the political debate in the 2008 Presidential elections. Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and the Natural Solutions Foundation will discuss these vital issues in depth and answer your questions on these topics in a no-holds-barred dialogue about a stunningly important issue: who owns your body and decides what you can do with it?

Please join us at VFW Post 7925, 45 Plymouth Road, Fairfield, NJ at 7 PM 937-227-9600.

Your Rights to Natural Health Care

are in Jeopardy!

Do you value your freedom to purchase, use and/or sell natural dietary supplements?

Do you value your option to practice or utilize natural therapies? Even as you read this, your freedoms are being threatened by four major proposals designed to strip away our rights to natural health care.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be heard.


For more information/reservations, please contact:

Sharan Woods, President
New Jersey Natural Health Professionals
Fairfield, New Jersey


Update on

"Murder by Numbers: The Codex Agenda"

You are wonderful! Our campaign to tell the Codex story in depth for a world-wide audience has begun with a bang. Within 18 hours or so, generous and far sighted patrons of our Cori Brackett ("Sweet Misery", "Sweet Remedy") documentary have been making tax deductible donations to allow us to get started right away on this project!

In fact, we have made such a good beginning that Cori will be able to accompany the Natural Solutions Foundation to document the initiation of an agricultural project from the very beginning. Part of the International Decade of Nutrition, we are going to Central America to bring low tech, high impact clean growing techniques to farmers who are bringing back a clean, sustainable diet to their families, their communities, their countries and the international market.

This project has global significance and your generosity will allow us to capture its entire development for the DVD!

What? You haven't joined the ranks of patrons of this professional documentary yet? Just click here ( to make it happen!

All donations are needed and welcomed. If you can become a Patron (, please do so as soon as you can.

Patron Levels:

Donate $100 and you'll get an autographed edition of the completed documentary as our health felt "thank you!".

Donate $1000-$4900 includes the above plus a signed copy of the poster for "Murder By Numbers: the Codex Agenda"!

Donate $5000-$9999 to receive the above gifts and have your name included in the credits as well as the gifts mentioned above.

Donate $10,000 or more and you will be invited to a special gala premier reception as well as the thank you gifts and recognition mentioned above!

Making this documentary is a wonderful way to tell the Codex story to the world. I know we can do this together!

Voices of Change

General Stubblebine and I spent the day on Capital Hill taking your voices to Congress. We had meetings with Senators and Representatives from both parties who are on the committees which regulate the FDA and deal with the important issues which we focus on.

It's Our Song. We Must Keep Singing It!

In each and every office we were told by Legislative Directors and other staff members that we met with that the driving force for each of these people was -you guessed it!- emails and phone calls from their constituents! They said that they knew who we were because they had been getting emails on the issues we presented to them

  • The FDA is on a pro industry, anti consumer regulatory rampage to place healthy food and supplements out of our grasp by pushing health-hostile measures through Codex and then bringing them back to the US to implement them "because Codex ratified it"
  • FDA guidances were being introduced and implemented which take away the right of consumers to make informed decisions, about our health and health options and take care of our our bodies as we see fit
  • FDA is abusing its power through tyrannical enforcement of dangerous and irrational restrictions on health care providers, manufacturers and merchants of natural health through raids and regulatory attacks on anything that competes with the illness industry and industrial food supply interest
  • FDA is putting regulatory requirements on supplement companies which, by its own admission, will drive many, if not all, small and medium-sized supplement companies out of business
  • FDA should be compelled to report to Congress on the impact of the new Adverse Event Reporting law to allow them to reevaluate whether safe and effective natural treatments like supplements should be subjected to that level of scrutiny in the absence of a threat to health.

Sympathetic Congressional offices asked us to ask you to submit MORE emails, and get your friends to do the same so that members of Congress would have a clear mandate from you, their constituents! They are asking us to ride the freedom mice of this country so that Congress can stand up to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Agribiz, Pesticide and Illness industry on your behalf. I kid you not!

Here are the links to click on to give Congress what they are looking for: a mandate to do the right thing.

We have over 200,000 emails supporting Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act. If you have already clicked, please get 10 people on your list to do the same.

If you have not already clicked, please do so and THEN get 10 more people to do the same!

Protect Supplement Access in Compromise FDA Revitalization Bill now being readied for signing:

Support Health Freedom Protection Act:

Paul Revere has his horse. Times have changed, but the issues are the same: do we ride for freedom or do we sit still for tyranny? Thanks for putting the saddle on the old freedom mouse!


Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima R. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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September 16, 2007 View in browser


Quick and Critical: Here's What's Happening Right Now on the Health Freedom Front

It's 4:21 AM and I have to leave in about 4 hours to fly to Washington DC where the Natural Solutions Foundation will continue our efforts to focus Congress on what they must do to preserve your access to natural health options and stop the Codex threat dead in its tracks. That takes lots and lots and lots of meetings, return visits, careful documentation and a meaningful solution to each of the problems we identify for Congressional staff.

Every time we walk into an office on Capital Hill, it is because of your emails to Congress that we have a voice which Congress can hear. Hundreds of thousands of your emails are making a noise that Congress is beginning to pay attention to. So, before I tell you what's up on the Health Freedom front, please take a moment to take these Action Steps to keep the pressure up.

Support Ron Paul's vitally important Health Freedom Protection Act. Click here ( to make it very clear to Congress that you want what the US Constitution, the Supreme Court and the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) gives you: the freedom to learn the relationship between food and health. That's Freedom of Speech and truthful health claims. The FDA says you can't have that information and, through their newest Guidance are criminalizing the provision of science based information about supplements and other health options.

Click here ( to make sure Congress knows that you demand a "hold harmless" provision in the compromise version of the otherwise awful so-called FDA Revitalization Act. The Senate version has a protective clause. The House version does not. Tell Congress to make sure that the Big Pharma give away that they voted for in droves protects our access to supplements.

Click here ( to support the making of "Murder By Numbers: The Codex Agenda " (a working title suggested by Tom Cowles, our Media Consultant, that may change as the film nears completion) a full length documentary by renowned film maker Cori Brackett about Codex and its disease-mongering impact globally.

Bringing the Footage Back Home
Cori, whose Sweet Misery and Sweet Remedy documentaries took Aspartame off a whole lot of tables and into a whole lot of discussions about health and safety, attended a Natural Solutions Foundation lecture in Tucson and decided then and there to do her next documentary on the Codex story!

She's got places to go and people to see, editing to do, marketing once the documentary is finished. All in all, we need about $150,000 for all aspects of the one year project. But we'll have something extraordinary to use as an educational tool all over the world when we are done!

Your Turn!

We need 1500 people to donate $100 ( each to fund this film (tax deductible, as always).

Are you in? You'll get an autographed edition of the completed documentary as our heart felt "thank you!". Donate $1000 or more and you'll get a copy of the poster for Murder By Numbers! A donation of $5000 will get your name in the credits and $10,000 donors will be invited to a special premier reception as well!

Oh, of course, don't forget to make your recurring or one time tax deductible donation ( to support the Natural Solutions Foundation, too. The beat goes on for your health freedom. A little later I'll give you a summary of what we are up to in the next week.

Mother and son back Together.. for now.
Last week we emailed our list to let you know about the 17 year old boy, cured of cancer by natural means, who had been taken from his home by the California agency supposedly responsible for the welfare of children was forcefully vaccinated and placed in foster care. His mother, presumed to be guilty of "medical neglect", was taken to a maximum security prison for 5 days where her neck and shoulder were injured by the jailers.

Protesting this assault on her son, and the threat of his having to undergo chemotherapy and surgery for a disease he no longer had, his mother sought the protection of the Court.

Although both mother and son have been reunited they are under Court order not to discuss the case pending a hearing on October 4, 2007. To support her fight and legal fees directly click here.

Health Freedom Rallies
The Natural Solutions Foundation will hold a series of Health Freedom Rallies around the US commencing late in October.
We'll be publishing the details of these events in the near future.

FDA Has Been Playing With Your Food
The FDA has been downgrading and degrading your food for a long time. It's not just E. coli. It's poisonous additives like Aspartame (wherever its introduced brain tumors go up 10% in a year and stay up until it's banned). It's dangerous hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats which cause diseases and deaths that are completely unnecessary. It's genetically modified foods that have NEVER been tested for safety by the FDA even though independent science shows how dangerous they are. It's fluoride in your water, sprayed on your foods and added to health aids like toothpaste despite the cancer-bone-and-tooth-disease-endocrine-poisoning impact of the deadly stuff. It's allowing cold cuts and hot dogs to be sprayed with a poorly tested virus class (phage) instead of protecting us from it. It's colors and flavors permitted in foods children eat which cause neurological disorders in them. It's assaulting your right to access dietary supplements in every which-a-way it can find. It's raiding manufactures of legal supplements and breaking up their factories and warehouses without a warrant using FDA Marshals with guns and dogs and axes. It's raiding natural doctor's offices using the same Marshals and guns and dogs - without a warrant. It's endless. The FDA cannot do a credible job of regulating our food because the sicker we are the better the other side of the house, the drug regulatory side, likes it.

Divest the FDA of Its Food

Regulatory Powers

Well, this week we'll be visiting with Congressional staff again to push the idea that the FDA is not protecting us (which is why a recent survey says that 75% of Americans no longer trust it to protect their health and food). We will be asking for Congressional hearings on divesting the FDA of its food responsibilities. We will also be explaining how the FDA folks go off to Codex, push through pro-industry measures that are health-hostile and then come home to the US where they issue Guidances and regulations to enforce them because Codex approved them.

Congress, in general, has no idea. But they know how popular health freedom is and they know how unpopular the FDA has become so it is a win-win for them. Your emails make all the difference. IF you keep the pressure up, they listen to what we are saying. Slack off and they will ignore us. It is really up to you.

We will be meeting with people inside these government organizations who have information to share.

We will also be doing a health freedom event with Ralph Fucetola, JD, in Fairlawn New Jersey on September 19, 2007. Next, we'll be taping in Manhattan for a new documentary (not ours) being made by Gary Null and then on Friday, we'll fly to Las Vegas where I will open the Nevada Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine Conference with a talk on why we must all get activated in defending our health freedom before it is only a sad and tragic memory. Check out the Events section on our homepage, for the details.

Then we are off to Bangkok to meet with people about applying low tech, high impact crop enhancement techniques to increase crop yield without any chemicals whatsoever and how to apply this to farming communities there as part of the Natural Solutions Foundation International Decade of Nutrition.

Gotta run! It's 5:30 AM and we're leaving for the airport in about 3 hours and I still have some packing to do.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Rima R. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

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