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Saturday, December 29, 2007

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December 29, 2007


Thank You!
Your support has made the Natural Solutions Foundation the largest and most effective voice about Codex and health freedom  in the English-speaking world in just 3 short years.  And in 2007 you helped us raise over $250,000!  (Sounds like a lot but we still came up about $75,000 short - freedom is not, as we keep saying, free!)  You used the phenomenal power of the Freedom Mouse to make our wishes clear to those in decision-making roles.  Even when our website was under attack, 588,000+ people visited our action page for a single campaign to tell the FDA how far off base it was ("ONLY" 198,000+ emails got through to the FDA since they did not have a working email address for much of that comment period).  But you have made sure that we are a force to be reckoned with in health freedom.  So if you are one of our generous supporters and Mouse Warrior activists who helped us
  • Attend 2007 Codex meetings in Germany, Norway, Canada, Italy
  • Initiate the funding of a major full length documentary on Health Freedom and the Codex Agenda.  Donors ( of $100 or more will receive a public "Thank you" in the final version!
  • Initiate a vigorous, high-impact Congressional education campaign
  • Keep you posted on the latest Codex and health freedom news and developments in the US and around the world
  • Create the No-Forced-Vaccination Forum to share information and provide a special forum for action and ideas on vaccination and how to avoid it!  Go to now and sign up
  • Protect health freedom and health freedom pioneers by sending 1,271,856 action emails to Congress, State legislators, Presidential Candidates and Medical Board Directors Send 91,000+ Health Freedom Scorecard Questionnaires to every major Presidential Candidate
  • Grow our email list to be the largest health freedom organization in the English-speaking world
  • Initiate the unique and important "State By State Compulsory Vaccination and Drugging Exemption Handbook".  If we receive your tax deductible donation ( of $150 or more by December 31, 2007, you will receive a special coupon which you can redeem for the eExemption Handbook. The price upon release (anticipated January 15, 2007) will be $75 for the eBook and $250 for the hardcopy version
  • Create a personalized vaccination/compulsory drugging consultation service with legal and medical consultation.  Contact Trustee Ralph Fucetola, for information
  • Begin preliminary legal action in what could be a national precedent-setting case against the State of New Jersey for endangering the well-being of children by mandating dangerous vaccines for pre-school children
  • Create the "Tiburon Declaration against Compulsory Vaccination and Drugging" along with other health freedom leaders at the Tiburon Conference. Sign here ( as an individual or for your organization
we want to extend our special thanks to you for your help and support in 2007. 
Knowing how strong your support for the Natural Solutions Foundation has been this year, and how much it has allowed us to accomplish, we look forward to your wonderful support for the big jobs ahead of us in 2008. 
Keeping House, Keeping Freedom Free -
The Work Must Go On!
Keeping freedom free is a lot like keeping house: it requires constant vigilance against new dangers and endless repetition of protection from old ones.  Thomas Jefferson, who was probably not washing a lot of dishes or sweeping many floors, said it another way: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." 
Jefferson understood very well what would happen if We, The People, did not defend our health freedom from government interference and control:
"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
He also said, "Information is the currency of democracy" (that would be these Health Freedom eAlerts) and "One man with courage is a majority."  So if we are hundreds of thousands of men and women with courage, we are a majority of fantastic proportions. 
Jefferson, while not a perfect human being, was, on the political side, a very cool dude who would not be very happy with Codex, the FDA or the onslaught of compulsory (and dangerous)  "treatments" which confront us now.  In his spirit, it is vital to continue to protect what is ours -sovereignty over our bodies and what can -and cannot - go into them or treat them!  Let's make 2008 the year that Health Freedom rang so loud that its beautiful resonance could be heard in every corner of the world!
Special Note: Apparently many of our holiday emails got lost in the ether (or something less benign waylaid them!).  So, for those of you who did not receive our Holiday Wishes, we are resending them.  Please take a fun moment to see the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation reveal their true natures

Amazing Revelation:

"Elv-es": Real and
On Our Side!

Strange visitations and apparitions are not to be taken lightly.  When these rollicking elves appeared, we wondered if they were counter agents - extensive investigation shows that they do not vaccinate their elflets, use only natural medicine, do not fluoridate their water and live to rock!  Their leader, Elf General Bert, invites you to click here ( to see how they want to wish you the happiest, healthiest and free-est New Year ever!

Turn on your speakers - but be patient, please: elves are a bit shy and may take a little while to load.

Among the information our investigators into things Elvish found is that they work for free, laboring all year in a variety of humanitarian activities, living only for the gratification they give and the good they do (aside from the occasional opportunity to boogie, of course).  In that way they are a great deal like the Natural Solutions Foundation with one exception: we cannot work for free.  So while we wish you a joyous and healthful, safe, sane and loving Holiday Season, we also want to remind you that the calendar is giving you a very brief opportunity to make your year end tax deductible donation to the Natural Solutions Foundation.  Click here ( and please give as generously as you can: 2008 is coming and there is huge work ahead.  We came nowhere near breaking even this month.  In fact, because of changes in spending around the holidays, we have about a 70% shortfall for this month.  We are funding a major documentary, creating a vitally needed State by State Exemption Handbook for vaccination and drugging, readying a time-sensitive (and potentially precedent setting) legal challenge to compulsory vaccination in New Jersey, educating Congress, working on the Codex threat at Codex meetings and in the home countries of our allies, and more. 

Does this matter to you?  Of course it does!  Please make your generous year end donation here ( while you are thinking about it!

Ready for a Christmas

'Give Back'?

If you run a business (or manage one) energy costs are probably a major part of your overhead.  The Natural Solutions Foundation has partners with The Electric tree, a source of savings and corporate responsibility.

Do you or your business spend at least $2,000 per month or more on electricity?  Would you be willing to donate half your savings to the Natural Solutions Foundation? If you answered "YES!" to both of these questions we have a win-win option for you. 

Natural Solutions Foundation has been chosen as one of The Electric Tree's 2008 Corporate Responsibility Designees. What does this mean to your business? If you are located in one of the currently covered states (NY, CT, MA. IL, MD, DE ) and choose to participate, at absolutely NO cost to you, The Electric Tree can save your business between 8 and 14% of your electric power bill! Then you donate half the savings to the Natural Solutions Foundation AND get a tax deduction on that donation!

Becoming a participant in the Electric Tree is very simple. If you are interested, please email with "Electric Tree" in the subject line and your contact information in the body of the email.  We will get right back to you with the details.

So Merry and Happy and Joyous Holidays.  Talk to you in the New Year!

Yours in health and freedom, 
Dr. Rima 

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director 
Natural Solutions Foundation 




Yours in health and freedom, 

Dr. Rima 

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director 
Natural Solutions Foundation 

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